Body Void – You Will Know the Fear You Forced Upon Us (2019)

Body VoidYou Will Know the Fear You Forced Upon Us (Crown and Throne Ltd/Dry Cough Records/Seeing Red Records, 15 March 2019)


Each of the past two years, Body Void from beautiful, sunny California has unleashed an album unto the world, which could be called anything BUT beautiful or sunny. Even if you’ve been hiding under a rock this whole time, surely they’ve still managed to catch your attention. But if by some inexplicable means you’ve missed out, please do yourself a favor and check them both out here.

Well, this deteriorating mass called earth and all its awful inhabitants have crept their way around the sun once more, and sure enough, the Golden State trio has graced our ears with another heaping helping of auditory despondence: You Will Know the Fear You Forced Upon Us.



While billed as a mere EP (unlike the band’s previous offerings), the two tracks comprising this latest release handily fill both sides of a standard vinyl record — as they each weigh in at right around the twenty-minute mark.

Stuffed beyond capacity with crusty ultra-doom riffs that bludgeon every bit as heavy as anything produced by either Fister or Primitive Man, these tracks make no pretense of beating around the bush. No, this one-two knockout blow of “Die Off” / “Fascist Cancer” clearly shows a band with a laser-intense focus on their mission and their message — which are both clearly illustrated in the album title: absolutely zero tolerance for intolerance anymore. All the seething hatred that has been festering just beneath the surface for far too long has now started bubbling forth, and just like Archimedes’ mirror, Body Void are demonstrating that they are fully prepared to reflect it all right back.


Download or stream the EP, or see the additional links below to pick up a copy on vinyl/cassette via Crown and Throne (US) or Dry Cough (UK), or on CD via Seeing Red.

* * * * * * *–Z_LEFj30QEz4IrhXwg


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