Cyttorak / Revered and Reviled Above All Others – Split (2021)

Cyttorak / Revered and Reviled Above All OthersSplit (Sleeping Village Records, 22 January 2021)


So okay, here we are. Exactly fifty-one weeks into mandated quarantine working from home, and truly starting to lose my mind from cabin fever. Looking forward to my wife coming home from work each day with stories of interaction with other human beings, since I’ve all but forgotten what that feels like.

2020 was — well, probably better to not even bring that up at all. You get it. So as a result, I found myself taking nearly two full months into 2021 just catching up on stuff I hadn’t gotten around to listening to, just to get my Top 20 list finalized. Managed to get that online about a week ago. So naturally, now I’ve begun the daunting task of working my way through 2021 releases that I’ve missed so far.

Which brings us back to the original purpose of me writing these words and you reading them: letting you know about something you may wish to cram into your ear-holes. In particular, today I’ve got a split release for you, fresh off the presses of Sleeping Village Records, the relatively new label run by the fine folks who brought you Sleeping Village Reviews.

Don’t forget that this is supposed to be a two-way street: I write words about music that I’ve enjoyed listening to, you folks read those words and listen to that music, and then you can leave a comment about how much you also enjoyed listening to it! For the sake of my sanity! Thanks for stopping by!


Above: Cyttorak / Below: Revered and Reviled Against All Others


These two bands live on opposite sides of the country: Cyttorak from Rhode Island and Revered and Reviled Above All Others from California. But upon listening to the two songs (one original and one cover) they each contribute, their artistic philosophies seem remarkably similar. They both throw around different words to describe it, such as “doomviolence” or “slowerviolence” — but either way we’re dealing with the pent-up brutal rage inherent in grindcore and powerviolence (and, to an extent, the brevity) emulsified with the tempo and aesthetic of murky, sludgey doom.

For starters, Cyttorak‘s “Royal Shokan Dismemberment” serves up plenty of gritty noise and grimy riffs, and a similar treatment is given to their interpretation of Jawbreaker‘s “Boxcar” with almost dangerous amounts of crust and doom injected into the pop-punk original. From there, Revered and Reviled Above All Others keep the tempo down, but crank up the distortion to a gruesome level on their brief “In Porcos Laqueo” which is then followed by a barely-recognizible “Gut Feeling,” dragged through layers of sludge to hell and back, but still maintaining the off-kilter dreamy disorienting vibe of the Devo version.


Anyway, enough words — the music is right there for you to listen to, so go click that PLAY button! The split is available digitally from Sleeping Village on Bandcamp for whatever price you choose to pay:


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