Kosmodemonic – The Inebriating Darkness (2016), Liminal Light (2021)

KosmodemonicThe Inebriating Darkness (self-released, 01 March 2016)


KosmodemonicLiminal Light (Transylvanian Tapes, 07 May 2021)


Check it out: Kosmodemonic have a brand-new full-length (their second) coming out this Friday!

If you aren’t already familiar with the band, I’m sorry, it’s all my fault. When the first one was released, they emailed me about it and I listened to it and found it interesting so I added it to my to-do list but then I never actually got as far as writing something about it. Then somehow five entire years flew past, and here we are.

Not going to let that happen again, so I’m making sure this gets published today.



Both albums follow in a similar vein, so if you like what you hear from one of them, the other should also appeal to you. In both cases the music is representative of that Brooklyn sort-of-blackish metal scene (think early Imperial Triumphant and their brethren): there’s definitely a blackened tinge to everything, but a bizarre amalgam of sludge and grunge and post-hardcore and whatever else you can imagine.

“Bizarre” is a pretty apt descriptor all around, actually, as the guitars and vocals all seem to fade in and out of tune throughout, often having a melodic feel but just not quite right. The guitars/bass/drums are layered together almost haphazardly, in a frenzied way where they sort of complement each other but at the same time kind of are contentiously set against each other.

In other words, if you’re looking for some easy listening, you’d be advised to avoid hitting the play buttons found below. But if you enjoy heavy music that’s a bit challenging — and, shall we say, equal parts cosmo and demonic? — please step right this way!




Both albums can be streamed or downloaded via the Bandcamp players below.
Liminal Light is also available on cassette from Transylvanian Tapes here.


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