Immortal Bird – Live at Migration (2018), Thrive on Neglect (2019)

These Chicagoan blackened-death-grinders are setting out for a trip across the northeastern USA throughout the rest of this week — see more details below, as well as a brief overview of the band’s latest releases over the past couple of years!


Immortal BirdLive at Migration (self-released, 21 August 2018)


Immortal BirdThrive on Neglect (20 Buck Spin, 05 July 2019)


Coincidentally, the last time we wrote about Immortal Bird they were also embarking on a series of tour dates. This time around it’s slightly different, though — because the band are hitting the road after being out of commission for nearly two whole years. The same can be said about most of us, though, so you could be forgiven if you’ve completely forgotten about the experience of seeing a band play music in a live environment.

Luckily, I’ve got a bit of a sneak preview for you here: following their guest appearance at 2018’s Migration Fest right here in Pittsburgh, these folks kindly put out a two-track EP Live at Migration that had been recorded that day, as a pay-what-you-choose download on Bandcamp. Featuring the first two tracks from 2015’s Empress/Abscess record, Live displays every bit of the vicious ferocity we’ve come to expect from Immortal Bird, although perhaps in an even rawer and more visceral format.

The following summer, one of the Migration co-hosts, Pittsburgh’s very own one-stop shop for the nastiest death metal around, 20 Buck Spin released IB‘s second-ever LP Thrive on Neglect. While the group has always been known for its venomous blackened-hardcore shrieking, plus energetic riffing and drumming, Thrive sees a band amping up the underlying punk aggressiveness while simultaneously kicking the frenetic fluidity of the instrumental parts into the highest available gear.

Both Live and Thrive were the product of a band with a take-no-prisoners mentality and a fierce hardcore attitude; one can only imagine the outcome when they finally get back onstage this week and let out all that pent-up kinetic energy. Listen to both releases below, then check underneath to see if your town is one of the lucky few!


* * * * * * *




Immortal Bird Eastern US Mini-Tour 2021


  • 29 November – Ace of Cups, Columbus OH
  • 30 November – Saint Vitus Bar, Brooklyn NY
  • 01 December – Kung Fu Necktie, Philadelphia PA
  • 02 December – Atlas Brew Works, Washington DC
  • 03 December – Black Forge II, Pittsburgh (McKees Rocks) PA


* * * * * * *


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