Yagow – S/T (2017), The Mess (2021)

Good afternoon! Here’s another highlight from last year, as I continue to work through getting caught up on stuff we missed talking about here: the latest release by this band from Saarland, Germany — located on the Saar river and right near the border with France. And while we’re on the subject, I’ll throw in their debut from four years earlier, for no additional charge!


YagowYagow (Crazysane Records, 16 June 2017)


YagowThe Mess (Crazysane Records, 18 June 2021)


Yagow‘s self-titled first album (6 songs, a little over 40 minutes) is totally spaced-out and psychedelic; hallucinogenic and otherworldly. With tripped-out parts sounding something like the guitar in the intro and verses of “Black Hole Sun,” while at the same time everything feels like it has been run through the same kind of warbly reverb and chorusing Led Zeppelin used on “No Quarter.” Sort of disorienting on one hand, but at the same time very much soothing and relaxing to allow yourself to feel completely detached from reality.


Follow-up The Mess (7 songs, also right around 40 minutes) has a more desert/stoner rock vibe. But beyond that, from the sitar that runs throughout the first track (bringing to mind early Traffic single “Paper Sun”), to the electric blues sounds and tube distortion feeling, overall this album seems more like a throw-back to the British rock groups of the mid-to-late 60s who co-opted American Rhythm and Blues while also serving as a precursor to the later progressive/psychedelic movements, such as The Animals or The Kinks. Or elsewhere — especially in penultimate track “Eclectic Electric” with its organ part and its shuffling beat — more like Spencer Davis Group.




Find the debut record here (digital/CD/vinyl – EU), here (digital – US), or here (CD/vinyl – US).
Last year’s The Mess is available here (digital/CD/vinyl INCLUDING the option to bundle both albums on vinyl – EU) or here (digital/CD/vinyl – US).


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