Michel Anoia – Plethora (2016), Nervures (2021)

Upon the release of Plethora in 2016 — their first full-length and second release altogether — Lyonese band Michel Anoia claimed it would “leave serious marks all over your body, including some brain damage, with their unforgiving brutal power and all-around freaky nature.” Five short years later they released their second and final full-length Nervures. Today we’re going to listen to both. Might want to buckle up for this one.


Michel AnoiaPlethora (12 February 2016)


Michel AnoiaNervures (17 September 2021)


Both albums are around half an hour long, filled with noodly guitars randomly bouncing all over the place, constant out-of-control and abrupt timing shifts, lots of noise and feedback, and vocals that are mostly harsh and deep death metal growls. Basically, a mixture of all the best parts of mathcore and deathgrind.

The earlier one is somewhat more hardcore/post-hardcore oriented; heavy and distorted but occasionally using clean guitar tones — with the obvious exception of the track “Rage Noire” which is a wall-to-wall freakout of psychotic, psychedelic noise. The album also prominently features echoey, PING!-y grindcore drums.

In contrast, last year’s release kind of leans more in a straight-up death metal direction, in tone and in overall riffage. Of course, there are still more than enough mathy and grindy bits to keep things interesting, just a bit darker and heavier and bleaker this time around.


* * * * * * *


Find both releases via Bandcamp — see below (Plethora as a free download or on vinyl; Nervures as a name-your-price download).



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