Eight Bells – Landless (2016), Legacy of Ruin (2022)

Hey there! We’re embarking on a pretty busy week as far as new releases are concerned. I’ve already touched upon a couple records due out this Friday (here and here), with more on their way.

Including one of the two I’ll be sharing with you today! And if you enjoy that one I promise you also won’t want to miss the band’s previous release, which came out almost exactly six years earlier! Here we go…


Eight BellsLandless (Tartarus Records, 23 March 2016)


Eight BellsLegacy of Ruin (Prophecy Productions, 25 February 2022)


Named for the tones struck to mark the end of a nautical watch (and also used metaphorically to memorialize a sailor whose watch has ended permanently), Portlandian trio Eight Bells specialize in lengthy (averaging around eight minutes apiece on both albums) doom compositions dripping with tons of atmosphere, featuring dulcet melodic and harmonious vocals, while occasionally slipping into somewhat of a black metal vibe both in the tempo of the music and the harshness of the vocals.

Amidst all the gloomy ambiance, the band occasionally find themselves drifting moorlessly in a more progressive or slightly psychedelic way — particularly in some of the longer tracks including the title track “Landless,” and “Destroyer” or “Premonition” from the new record. But more often, the sound oscillates between bold blackened rants and peaceful moments of moroseness. Essentially, this would be recommended listening for those of you who are fans of both Pallbearer and Alcest (just to throw out a few examples).






Buy a copy of Landless (digital/CD/vinyl) here or here (cassettes are sold-out, sorry!)
Upcoming release Legacy of Ruin may be pre-ordered (digital/CD/vinyl) here or here.


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http://tartarusrecords.com | http://shop.tartarusrecords.com
http://prophecy-de.bandcamp.com | http://us.prophecy.de


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