Cave of Swimmers – Cave of Swimmers (2014) and Reflection (2015)



Cave of SwimmersCave of Swimmers (The Path Less Traveled Records, 15 April 2014)




Cave of SwimmersReflection (self-released, 4 May 2015)


Dear Friends, I am thoroughly confused about something. It’s been about two months since Cave of Swimmers, the Venezuelan-American guitar/moog/vocals/drums duo who live in Miami, released their second album Reflection. This is a collection of four songs that are sheer excellence — every bit as fantastic as the four songs on their self-titled debut which had been released about a year prior — unquestionably one of the most incredible things I heard in 2014, and quite a pleasant out-of-nowhere surprise. So what I can’t understand is, at this point, why is this band not just exploding, and being lauded with overwhelming international renown??

To a small extent, I accept and acknowledge my share of the blame: on both occasions I’ve let trivial things like “being too busy at work to get much writing done” keep me from publicly sharing my thoughts on the release of these two brilliant albums (with one minor exception). Well that all ends today. Get ready to fill your ears with this…


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Another Incredible Sale: Stormspell Records Featuring $5 CDs All Month!

Stormspell Records have built quite a reputation for themselves with their devotion to underground thrash and power metal re-issues from the 80s, as well as newer releases that follow a similar aesthetic.

I’ve found several old treasures through their webstore, that simply aren’t available anywhere else, and I’m sure you will too! But now, through the end of the month, it’s even easier to build up your collection of awesome classic metal sounds, because all of the label’s own releases are discounted to only $5! (Boxed sets and distro titles are discounted, as well.)

There are way too many for me to list them all here, but I’ve especially got my eyes on those two Dantesco CDs (the original release of their 2011 album Seven Years of Battle, as well as the re-issue of their self-titled 2004 demo)! Other highlights include The Horde, Lich King, Morbid Sin, Diamond Plate, Sacrilegio, Ancient Cross, and TONS more!

Here are the links to the sale items: Stormspell CDs A-J and Stormspell Releases K-Z.

Sale lasts until 30 June 2012, but hurry, because quantities of some of these are already starting to get low!

Stormspell Records: label website, webstore, Facebook