Barbarian Prophecies – Origin (2018-19), Horizon (2021)

Hey folks, today let’s talk about death metal.


Barbarian PropheciesOrigin (digital: 19 April 2018; vinyl: Base Record Production / Hecatombe Records / Iron Matron Records, 21 June 2019)


Barbarian PropheciesHorizon (digital: 06 July 2021; physical: Base Record Production / Hecatombe Records / Violence in the Veins, Iron Matron Records, 01 November 2021)


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The “Signmeto” Unsigned Band of the Week: Barbarian Prophecies

Happy Monday to you, Dear Reader.  It’s time once again for the “Signmeto” Unsigned Band of the Week feature.  As you know by now, this is where I write about a band I’ve discovered on the “Sign Me to Roadrunner Records” website (usually after they’ve written to me asking for a review of their music).  The process goes something like this: I listen to their songs, and I tell you all about them, then you can go listen to them, and bingo! you’ve found a brand new band to fall in love with, and that band has a new devoted fan.  Everyone wins.

Today’s artist is called Barbarian Prophecies, formed over a decade ago by merging two other bands called Barbarianth and Venomous Prophecies.  These gentlemen come to us via Lugo, a town in northwestern Spain which lies in the region of Galicia.  This town has the distinction of being the only place in the world that is still surrounded by fully intact Roman walls.  Although the population of this town generally speaks either Galician or Spanish (or both), this band’s lyrics tend to be in English.  Furthermore, although this area is just a little inland of the Atlantic Ocean (to the west) and the Bay of Biscay (to the north), and therefore generally enjoys a fairly temperate oceanic climate year-round, you’ll find that Barbarian Prophecies concoct a cold, dark variety of death metal that leans in a rather doomy direction, such as you might expect to come from someplace much further to the north…

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