Upcoming Shows: Sangre – Devastation Across the Nation Tour 2012

If you aren’t familiar with the So-Cal metal band Sangre yet, you probably missed my review of their album The Great Tribulation back in February. Even if you did read that before, you should totally check it out again, because the post was recently updated with the band’s second video, for the title track from that album.

Anyway, hot on the heels of their performance at the Rockstar Mayhem Festival in San Bernardino, Sangre are all ready to kick off their Jägermeister-sponsored “Devastation Across the Nation” tour, which begins TONIGHT in Arizona, then runs nonstop all around the USA for the next few weeks!

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Upcoming Shows: Maryland Deathfest (MDF X)

As everyone knows, almost all of the awesome metal tours and festivals take place over in Europe.  They’ve got Wacken Open Air in Germany, Download Festival at Donnington Park in England, Metalcamp in Slovenia, and what seems like millions of others — all with the most incredible lineups imaginable.  Meanwhile, the rest of us are pretty much just forced to contend with tours that have a far-too-high ratio of shitty-to-good, like Ozzfest or the Rockstar Energy Mayhem Festival.

Well, with a few exceptions, and probably the biggest exception each year is the Maryland Deathfest.  This weekend-long metal party is held annually in the city of Baltimore, which as everyone knows was named for the seminal 1970s metal band Sir Lord Baltimore.

This year, the Deathfest is taking place between the 24th-27th of May, and tickets are available for three out of those four days.  As we’ve recently discussed, Morgion had to pull out of their scheduled performance, but there is still a fuckton and a half of awesomeness in the lineup.

**Update (3 May 2012) — the official time-slot schedule has been released; details below**

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