AAC Anniversary Sale || Trespasser – Suffer Together, Suffer Alone (2017); Turtle Skull – Monoliths (2020)

Australian label Art As Catharsis are celebrating their 10th anniversary — a span during which they have had “more than 150 releases, covering doom, hardcore, prog, post-rock, jazz, experimental pop, noise, ambient music, art folk and beyond.”

As a special thank-you to their loyal followers, the label is currently (now through the 18th of February) offering 20% discounts on all purchases through Bandcamp using code aac10years at checkout!

And to offer you a little bit of guidance wading through such an extensive catalog, I’ve hand-selected two of the label’s numerous releases to share with you today.


TrespasserSuffer Alone, Suffer Together (Art As Catharsis, 16 November 2017)


Turtle SkullMonoliths (Art As Catharsis / Kozmik Artifactz, 28 August 2020)


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In Case You Missed It: Greed & Rapacity – Loki Bound


Greed & RapacityLoki Bound (9 April 2012, Milam Records)

Good afternoon, Readers! Time for another album review. It’s been a while since I’ve written one of these things; I hope I remember how…

With its roots in Australian soil, but being a collaborative effort between members (who are also involved with various other projects, including Azoth, Bleakwood, and Ironwood) living in both Sydney (NSW, AU) and Portland (OR, US) Greed & Rapacity have the goal of “channeling and venting the worst of human nature in sonic form” — not surprising, considering they have deadly sins as namesakes.

Following a demo in 2010, this spring the band’s debut EP Loki Bound was released on cassette by Milam Records (although it’s also available as a digital download, so don’t worry if you never bothered to get a new tape player after the batteries leaked and corroded your Walkman’s innards fifteen or twenty years ago).

The album was named for the god of chaos in Norse mythology, who was bound by the other deities for his mischievous crimes, and had a serpent suspended above him, from which venom would occasionally drip onto the captive, causing him to writhe in pain and agony.

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