Just When We Were Starting to Get Over the Whole Morbid Angel Thing…

Yesterday, in their newsletter, Season of Mist announced a new video for a song from Illud Divinum Insanus, the 2011 release by self-described “extreme music” band Morbid Angel:

Last November, seminal extreme metallers MORBID ANGEL shot a video clip for the song “Existo Vulgoré”, off latest album “Illud Divinum Insanus”. The video was conceptualized by the band and director Thomas Mignone (SLIPKNOT, MUDVAYNE, AVENGED SEVENFOLD) and produced through his production company Doom Incorporated. Mignone filmed the band in Tampa, Florida just prior to their departure to Europe during their recent tour.

If the band had any hopes of regaining the attention of their longtime fans, who seem to have almost universally despised this album, I don’t think the best way to do it would have been to collaborate with someone who has those particular credits on his resumé.  However, pandering to the legions of death metal fans who have supported this band for decades may be exactly what they are trying not to do.  At least, that’s the impression I get from their upcoming remix project.

One of the biggest complaints I’ve heard about this album was the fact that, even if they are trying to distance themselves from the death metal scene and branch out in a new direction (i.e. industrial/techno/whatever), fans of those particular styles are not very likely to enjoy it either, because even as those styles go, it isn’t especially well-done.  Not being a fan of that sort of thing, myself, I can’t really judge the accuracy of these comments.  Nevertheless, I can only assume that their forthcoming release of a “3-hour compilation gathering 39 remixes of songs” (done by several presumably well-known artists of the electronic music genres) will help to push the band’s image further into that new territory they seem to be seeking.  I really don’t know, but if that is their goal then I wish them well.

Getting back to the original subject, the video for “Existo Vulgoré” can be found by clicking here; and the label has also kindly offered the song as a FREE mp3 download here.  After watching, let me know what you think in the comments below.  Or if you have anything at all to say on the subject of this band and its new album or new direction, knock yourself out.

If you don’t have the album yet, but you are interested in checking it out (morbid curiosity, perhaps?), you can pick up the CD here, grab the digital download version here, or check out the huge wooden box deluxe edition here. Illud Divinium Insanus – The Remixes can be pre-ordered from the Season of Mist e-shop, here.


2 responses to “Just When We Were Starting to Get Over the Whole Morbid Angel Thing…

    • I had to listen to it again, because I haven’t heard the song since it originally came out last year. You’re right, it is neither exceptionally good nor exceptionally terrible.

      I don’t have any problem with the level of the guitars (in my headphones) although I can’t honestly tell if there is a bass or not.

      My biggest complaint is the drums, because they just sound mechanical or artificial.


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