Congratulations: Code Orange Kids Sign with Deathwish Inc.

Some more big news out of the Pittsburgh music scene exploded onto the internet yesterday, as Deathwish Inc. announced its signing of local hardcore up-and-comers Code Orange Kids.

Code Orange Kids join the DW Family, on tour now, new album later in 2012
Deathwish are proud to welcome Code Orange Kids to our affiliated family.

Fresh out of high school and with an average age of 18 years old, Pennsylvania’s Code Orange Kids remind us off our own embryonic days in the aggressive music scene. They do things their way, creatively cutting their own path through it all. Unconcerned with the direction of other artists, their brand of gritty hardcore/punk is simply refreshing to hear. Merging cryptic melody, dirty hardcore power, and intense dirges into their own uniquely inspired sound.

Code Orange Kids


The band, as reported by the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, “described its sound as ‘doomy, abrasive’ hardcore punk in the vein of Black Flag, Integrity and Converge.” The newspaper also notes that the band, although currently located in Philadelphia, “worked its way up through the Pittsburgh scene in part by opening for such bands as Anti-Flag, The Misfits, The Bronx and Subhumans.”


Deathwish has already made a few Code Orange items available through their e-store, including their latest 7″ demo Cycles, but they have reported that the band will re-enter the studio this spring in order to record their first full-length LP, due to be released through the label later in 2012.


Meanwhile, all three demos the band had released over the past year and a half are still available in pay-what-you-like format via Bandcamp…




Code Orange Kids Facebook page
Deathwish Inc. website, Facebook page


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