More News About Shows (In Pittsburgh, This Time) – Part 2, Dethlehem

As I said in the last post, after spending yesterday talking about shows that I will never get a chance to see, it’s time for some updates for the local (Pittsburgh) area. If you live somewhere else, NOW YOU CAN SEE HOW IT FEELS!!, but also, hopefully you’ll learn about a couple bands that might tickle your fancy.


The second of today’s two updates features Dethlehem, who will lay siege to Stage AE on Pittsburgh’s North Shore in a little under a month (Saturday, 18 February 2012).


This band of merry adventurers, disguised as an epic fantasy metal band, have been storming the castle that is the regional music scene for a few years now. Their second album The Ghorusalem Codex, Vol. 2: Of Magick & Tyranny was released last summer, and is currently available at Bandcamp (see the widget below) or on CD at their official merch store. This followed 2009’s The Ghorusalem Codex, Vol. 1: Enthroned Upon A Spire, which they are offering to download for a pay-what-you-choose deal (also see widget, below) or on CD, also at the merch store. But first, check out this awesome video for the song “Circle of Deth” (from the Vol. 2 album), which takes the concept of live action role playing games to a ridiculous new level…




Getting back to next month’s show, it starts at 8pm; tickets are on sale for $11 – and can be purchased directly from the band’s merch page.

Facebook event page for this show
Dethlehem – website, Facebook
Stage AE – website, Facebook


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