More News About Shows (In Pittsburgh, This Time) – Part 1, Ernie and the Berts

Okay, after spending yesterday talking about shows that I will never get a chance to see, it’s time for some updates for the local (Pittsburgh) area. If you live somewhere else, NOW YOU CAN SEE HOW IT FEELS!!, but also, hopefully you’ll learn about a couple bands that might tickle your fancy.


First of all, next Saturday (4 February 2012), “sleazy muppet rock” band Ernie and the Berts will be making their first live appearance of 2012 at Altar Bar in Pittsburgh’s Strip District area, as one of the opening acts for Greek-American Punks Barb Wire Dolls.

Ernie and the Berts

Barb Wire Dolls


Ernie and the Berts, a somewhat goofy punk trio whose name is loosely based on a pair of puppets from a famous children’s program, are a bunch of fun-loving guys. Isn’t that a stupid way to describe somebody? I mean, honestly, does anybody not love fun? Isn’t that sort of the definition of fun — something that you love doing? It just kind of makes me sound like a lazy writer, but I can’t think of a better word for it. I mean, just listen to their songs (see the embedded video, below, and then check out the audio player here). Fun times, right?


The band are currently working on putting together their debut album The Gospel, A Puppet’s Tale, which is described in detail at the Kickstarter page they used last fall to raise funds for the recording.


Next Saturday’s show begins at 8:30pm (doors 7:30). The event is 21+, and tickets can be had for $12 in advance ($14 DOS) through various local outlets – including directly from the band (see their blog post about the show for more details on this).

Facebook event page for this show
Ernie and the Berts – website, Facebook
Barb Wire Dolls – website, Facebook
Altar Bar – website, Facebook


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