Help Make Iron Atrocity v.2 a Reality!

You might remember I talked about this project before — back in November I posted about some upcoming Molasses Barge shows which included a benefit show in Decmeber to support the Iron Atrocity v.2 compilation.

If you don’t remember, Iron Atrocity is a digital download (available free by visiting or CD compilation (I do not know if any copies are still available, but it was given out for free at shows associated with Innervenus or any of the bands on the CD) which highlights some of the best in Pittsburgh-area metal music today.

Well, the second compilation in the series is currently in the works, and the folks at Innervenus are trying to raise a little extra capital to get this thing off the ground…

From Kickstarter:

Iron Atrocity v.2 will be the second installment of a compilation series that documents the Pittsburgh metal scene; put together, manufactured and distributed by the Innervenus Music Collective.

Just like Volume 1 (which you can download for free at, by the way), we’re pressing 1,000 hand numbered discs with a 24 page booklet that showcases the bands and the scene as a whole. The discs are then given away for free to raise awareness and promote unity throughout the metal community.

After a few months of planning and a fantastic benefit show to help us out, we were rolling along just fine until an unexpected financial crisis struck us down hard last month. Now, we’re asking for your help to keep this on track. The first one had such a tremendous response, I couldn’t stand to drop it now. Could you?

Bands confirmed for this installment are: Derketa, Liquified Guts, October, Ascend the Fallen, Girlfight, Blackmarket Bodyparts, Solarburn, Moths, Lythem, Grisly Amputation, Motorpsychos, Vermithrax, Lycosa, United By Hate, Tyrant and Lady Beast.

Thank you for your support.

Scott Massie
Music & Art Director, Manufacturing, etc.

The Innervenus Music Collective
P.O. Box 81213
Pittsburgh, PA 15217 USA

They’ve set their goal at raising $2,500 in one month. Just like all Kickstarter campaigns, there are some gifts for those who donate at various pledge levels — but with a minimum set at just $1, ANY amount would surely be appreciated, and would go a long way toward supporting local music!

  • $10 or more: Your name will be included on the Thank You List in the liner notes of the CD.
  • $25 or more: Pins, Stickers, Deluxe Packaging of CD + the above.
  • $50 or more: Exclusive Iron Atrocity T-Shirt + the above.
  • $75 or more: Any 2 Albums from the Innervenus Catalog + the above.
  • $100 or more: Limited Edition, Hand Numbered Screen Print Poster + the above.
  • $250 or more: Exclusive Iron Atrocity Hoodie + the above.
  • $2,500 or more: I will personally come mow your lawn.  And wash your car.  And take out your trash.  I might even walk your dog.  I don’t really like dogs though, so maybe I won’t walk your dog, but I might give your cat a bath.  Oh, and a hug.  You definitely get a hug for $2,500.

Once again, the Kickstarter project page is here.

Innervenus website / Facebook page
Iron Atrocity website / Facebook page

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