Get ’em While They’re Hot: Deep in the Mire Offering Three Free Songs

Good evening!  I usually don’t get a chance to post anything on Sundays, but I was just listening to these songs I downloaded the other day from Leodensian prog-rockers Deep in the Mire, and I just felt that I had to toss this little announcement out there, so you could check them out, too.  You’re welcome.

These guys have been posting recording updates on their Facebook page for the past couple months, and making vague references to giving away free downloads during much of that time as well.  Then, a couple days ago, I got an email from bassist Sidge Rushton, who said:

Long ago (maybe FOUR MONTHS??!!) we promised you all some free DITM music. After numerous technical difficulties we worked out this was the best way to bring it too you.

 Go here:

You can listen to each song in full before you download it. If you want it click on the little downward facing arrow next to ‘add to set’ and it should start downloading. Up there is ‘Again’, ‘Biganeha’ and new single ‘The Moth’ all for free.

Download and enjoy and feel free to send the song to anyone you want.

Love and respect from the DITM Tribe.

I have to warn you, the downloads are pretty large, because these are WAVs rather than MP3s.  Of course, the upside to that is the sound quality is much better.  Also, as stated above, you have the opportunity to listen to the streams on Soundcloud before deciding to download.  In fact, I’m embedding the player for each of the three songs below, for your listening convenience.

On these tracks, Deep in the Mire bring a fairly mellow sort of progressive music, although “The Moth” cranks up the rock a bit in parts.  The best way I can describe it is that they are reminiscent of Tool in their softer, more introspective moments.  These songs incorporate lovely melodies with an exotic Persian flavor, especially in the vocals, as well as infusing traditional Middle-Eastern instruments such as the santour, oud, and various different percussion sounds.  In fact, the percussion is another spot that makes me think of Tool; specifically, a lot of the different sounds Danny Carey was bringing in on the Lateralus album.

Anyway, here they are, give ’em a listen, and then download them if you like.  Share them with your friends if you like.  Definitely go “like” the band on Facebook if you like, because they may be unsigned now, but these guys are definitely going places soon, and you won’t want to miss out.



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