Just Released: No Anchor – Rope/Pussyfootin’ 7-Inch


No AnchorRope/Pussyfootin’ 7-Inch (Self-released, 17 March 2012)

Good morning, readers. It felt like this week was never going to end, but it’s finally Friday! All we need to do is fumble our way through one more day, then the weekend will officially be here. Pretty awesome, huh? Although sometimes even just one eight-hour day still feels like it lasts forever, and besides that, it’s hard to get excited about anything this early in the morning, right?

Well don’t worry, I’ve got something to help you survive one more workday. Go grab a cup of coffee and get your headphones on, and brace yourselves for some grungey noise-rock all the way from Queensland! Brisbane’s No Anchor have just unleashed a brand new 7″ with four songs (three of which are free to download!) over an eight-minute span that should give you just the jolt you need.

The title of the release contains the names of the two songs which make up Side A. Each one is about two minutes long, and each one incorporates just the perfect burst of raw grit and energy. “Rope” brings some nice warm and fuzzy grunge, bringing to mind somebody like Mudhoney. Then, “Pussyfootin'” comes along with a post-hardcore, noise rock style that reminds me at times of a Meantime-era Helmet.

The B-side of the 7″ leads off with the 48-second grinder “Uninvited,” and then the record closes off with “Jordan, Minnesota,” a cover of the song by Steve Albini‘s legendary Big Black, from their 1986 album Atomizer. However, this last song is only available when you buy the vinyl edition.

The 7-inch is available in a limited edition of 100 copies on blue vinyl and 150 copies on black, as well as in a digital download format (as a no-minimum pay-what-you-like), both from No Anchor’s Bandcamp site.

UPDATE 7 May 2012: I’ve just heard from the band again, who have the following new information to share:

+The Rope/Pussyfootin’ vinyl has completely sold out in the blue version, but they still have some black ones in-stock, here.

+The band’s previous album Real Pain Supernova is also almost sold out: fewer than 30 copies remain available for purchase, here.

+Finally, they also have just unveiled a brand new t-shirt that you can buy here — although when I say “brand new” that isn’t quite accurate.  As No Anchor themselves have stated, “Nothing is new.  It’s true.  All our ‘new’ stuff is just rehashed Electric Wizard, Jesus Lizard, Unsane, Part Chimp and Black Sabbath ideas okay.  Deal with it. ”  That may explain why the logo, and the cat image, in the t-shirt design seem a little bit familiar…  Of course, as the band also said, “EVERYTHING about Motörhead rules…so, ergh, ruling by association to Motörhead, that’s us.  Hey, it works for Dave Grohl.

No Anchor: Website, Facebook, Bandcamp


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