Now Hear This! Previously Unreleased TrollfesT Song Now Streaming

Over their nearly-decade-long existence, TrollfesT (who inexplicably describe themselves as “True Norwegian Balkan Metal”) have really built a name for themselves, as much for their unique folk instrumentation as for the drunken party environment that surrounds everything they do. By all accounts, their live performances are truly something to behold — and for those who live in Europe you just may get a chance to witness this, as they are playing at Norway’s Inferno Festival this Thursday (05 April) before embarking on a tour with kindred spirits Korpiklaani this month, as well as dates in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland as part of MetalFest in July, Slovenia’s Metalcamp in August, and finally the Heidenfest tour in October and November.

For those of us who live elsewhere and aren’t lucky enough to be able to attend any of these festivals or tours, we can take heart in the knowledge that sometime this summer the band’s fifth album Brumlebassen will be released by Noise Art Records, but maybe that isn’t quite enough for you — perhaps you are still feeling left out?

Sadly, I can’t magically make the band appear in your city (although they did mention on Facebook, a while back, that they’d love to come to the U.S. — they just need enough people to go to their local venue owners and concert promoters and demand it! ask politely), but what I can give you is a sneak peek at a song that was previously only available at live shows!


This song dates back near the beginning of TrollfesT’s existence as a band (they say it’s the third song they ever wrote), and it was included on one of their first promotional recordings, but it’s never been officially released on any album. It is frequently played live, though, and has become a fan favorite, so… well, I’ll let the band explain it themselves:

While we were in the studio recording our new album we wanted to do something for all our fans while they wait for the release of Brumlebassen. One of the songs that often features in our live set is “Skogsfest,” which [we know is] a popular song with the audience at our shows, so we came up with the idea of re-recording it, and uploading it so that everyone can listen to it (it will not appear on the new album). And that’s exactly what we did! So if you’re coming to see us (and raise a few glasses together) on the Korpiklaani tour you may hear it then. But if you’re not, then you’re not going to miss out, because here it is – from us, to you.



UPDATE: For even more TrollfesT news, check out this newer post, featuring information about the new album (cover art, track listing, and the story it was based on) as well as details on the changes to the band’s line-up, and tour dates!!

TrollfesT: Website, Facebook, Myspace, Reverbnation, Soundcloud, Webstore


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