MDF Update: Apparently Morgion was Scheduled to Perform? Anyway, That’s Been Postponed.

NOTE — Updated 07 January 2013 — This post originally referred to Maryland Deathfest X (which took place in May 2012). However, Morgion was announced as one of the confirmed performers for this year’s MDF XI (scheduled for May 2013). Recent reports (see the comment section, below) are indicating that this may not be happening as planned, either. Stay tuned, and I promise to share all the facts with you as soon as I have heard anything from an official source. But it’s not looking real optimistic at the moment.

UPDATE #2 — 08 January 2013 — Okay, it’s now been made officially official, Morgion will not be playing in 2013 either. Possibly not at any other time in the future, either.


Ok, first off, what the hell!!? I know I’ve been super busy with work crap and school crap and all kinds of other crap lately, but how did I miss the news that Morgion — the legendary doom metal band from the 90’s and early 2000’s — was getting back together to play at this year’s Maryland Death Fest!?!?

Anyway, so I’ve just learned that the band has been forced to postpone their previously-scheduled reunion performance. It was going to take place at MDF on the 25th of May, but… (as drummer Rhett Davis, formerly of Morgion and now with Gravehill, explains):

It is with great regret that I must inform you all that Morgion must postpone our performance at this year’s Maryland Death Fest, on Friday May 25th. Jeremy (Peto – Bass/Vocals) recently sustained a quite serious neck & back injury, serious enough to where he must undergo surgery and months of physical therapy. Needless to say we are all very concerned for his health and well-being, we must ask you to be patient with us just a lil’ bit longer! On the positive, we have our Rabid Decay DemoLive Rehearsal DemoTravesty 7″ EP re-release on CD called God of Death & Decay on Dark Descent Records, as well as the double gatefold Solinari vinyl release on Parasitic Records due before MDF! I do have to stress this is NOT a cancellation, this is a postponement… Our sincere apologies for this, but the circumstances are quite serious and we hope our fans/friends understand and wish Jeremy a speedy recovery!



Well. That’s quite a lot of interesting information, none of which I had any inkling about previously! As it turns out, God of Death & Decay (cover pictured above), which is being released in the very near future by Dark Descent, collects some of the band’s first recordings, including the two demos and one EP Rhett had mentioned. Furthermore, as he also pointed out, Parasitic will be re-releasing the band’s landmark album Solinari (previously out on Relapse Records in 1999) on vinyl very soon as well!

That, and apparently a live show at some future date and location to be determined, give us a lot to be excited about! Best wishes to Jeremy, and I’ll definitely try way harder to keep track of any new developments that might come along!


47 responses to “MDF Update: Apparently Morgion was Scheduled to Perform? Anyway, That’s Been Postponed.

    • Cool… that’s great news, thanks so much for sharing!

      I’ll definitely be keeping my ears and eyes open for any new developments or information between now and then…


  1. Morgion is not playing MDF this year and their isn’t going to be a reunion or any future shows. They tried to work together again but things did not work out between them.

    Morgion – R.I.P.


  2. I heard from the band that cancelling MDF 2013 and the re union had nothing to do with Jeremy’s injury he is doing much better. The band tried to work together again but personal reasons between members made it not happen.


    • Yeah, that seems to be what I’m hearing from all over the place, now.

      The official press release from last year, when they cancelled at MDF X (which is quoted in the original text, above) said that the cancellation (or, postponement) was due to the injury and rehabilitation at that time.

      But unfortunately it appears that this new cancellation is of a more permanent nature.

      I guess the one piece of positive news out of all this situation is that you said Jeremy is doing much better. I’m glad to hear that, at least.

      Thanks for the info.


  3. No problem… not even sure if MDF knows that they cancelled yet.

    Last year was Jeremy’s injury but they did get together after that and they were rehearsing and planning on playing MDF 2013 with the Solinari line -up, but just wasn’t working out personally between them from what i heard from members of the band.

    yes a much more permanent nature, don’t think we will ever see Morgion play again. Guess there was a pretty good reason why they originally split up and never got back together again…. and pretty sure its the same reason they cancelled the re union.


    • Another “old friend” of the band again… it’s uncanny how many “old friends” appear online to make a tell all regarding a band they are not in nor have any permission to speak in ANY official compacity.


    • You’re absolutely correct, it does make sense to happen this way. It’s just too bad they couldn’t suck it up and deal with whatever problems they were having, for just one damn show. Oh well…


      • That’s a bit judgmental in saying “couldn’t suck it up and deal with whatever problems they were having”. You don’t know the situation, politics or personalities behind the scene… or whether it was all of them or just 1 or 2.


      • No, I don’t have any idea what the situation is. I also don’t know who is at fault or who has a problem with whom. At this point it really doesn’t make any difference.

        I’m just saying, SOMEBODY has SOME issue with SOMETHING, and clearly that became an insurmountable hurdle that is preventing the band from performing together. And I am mourning this loss, and I find it disappointing that it wasn’t possible to get past whatever that issue might have been. As I said, it’s a shame. That’s all.


  4. I agree, it’s a shame that past bulls@#t could not have been put aside. It would’ve been awesome to see this band play, especially since I had followed them for about the past 22 years and never got the chance to see them. I guess somethings are better just left alone. I will always have the ‘Solinari’ days…


  5. Agreed. But I didn’t think that they would end up playing. If it was a sure thing, I would have expected to have heard updates on news sites, facebook etc. Maybe they are trying to get their other projects signed to major labels.


  6. Ah, sincerest apologies everyone. I didn’t realize the cancellation was announced; the decision to bow out was made a couple weeks ago. When you aren’t a real working band, you don’t really keep up on social media with updates and whatnot, except in a case such as now. I will update the band page and archive it once again.

    Despite the circumstances that brought us to this decision to bow out of MDF, please do understand that we each regret having to (twice, nonetheless), even if they are for different reasons. We all met up for the first time in years back in August of 2011 to discuss this one-off gig MDF proposed. Trust me when I say that when we agreed, we all had the best intentions to put some water under the bridge and come together for the gig. The last thing we wanted to do is get into a tiff with each other again, let alone publicly embarrass ourselves by canceling after all this time and disappoint those who remember us. In the course of the last year and a half we’ve overcome a few things, but unfortunately, we found some new ways to disagree, and there is no resolve. These reasons and more are why we haven’t been a band in many years. The gig itself is not the issue, but the upcoming six months of rehearsals together required to make it to MDF, well, that’s a different story. We could play the gig with a different member or two, but the one thing we have all agreed on is the fact that the point would be lost. Unless you have been a fly on the wall of my studio to witness the last few months of events, I’m sure this may be difficult to understand.

    There are upsides. Jeremy is thankfully doing quite well after last year’s injury. We had some good rehearsals, and it was fun to dust off some of those old songs for a while. Rusty for sure, but when we were all on, it was as solid as it ever was.

    A big thanks to Ryan Taylor and Evan Harting for the proposal. Apologies again to them and those who planned on catching the set. Cheers


    • Thank you kindly for stopping by, and thanks for setting the record straight (and in such a diplomatic way).

      Just from the comments on here, and other folks I’ve heard from through various other channels, it seems that a lot of people had been looking forward to a reunion, even just for one night, and so yes, it’s a bit disappointing. But at the same time, I suppose we’re all familiar with the saying, “shit happens” — and sometimes that’s just how it goes.

      At least we have the band’s discography as consolation — thank you for that, as well.


  7. As Gary stated we all do sincerely apologize for the major inconvenience. But sadly things cannot come together. I myself even was hesitant and reserved in the begining of this. Yet, still managed to have a place within myself that was excited to play these songs and take stage yet once more with the other three. Who knows what may have come from all of this??? But appears we shall never find out. I wasnt present at time to see what led to the impending doom , only to see it crumble before rehersals were to comense again..

    Gary was correct in saying it was fun to play those songs again and even brushing the dust off after not have played together in many years it was coming together rather quickly. Though things and personalities unfortunately caused this to come a screeching hault.

    Also .. I greatly appreciate the kind words in regards to my recovery. Just to clear up the issue it was a torn rotator cuff and a severely pinched never in my neck. I could barely move my arm and the pain was extensive. Though doctors decided not to do surgery because of there being two injuries on the same side, surgeons weren’t clear as to what injury was causing what symptom. So I had to go through a lot of therapy. Things are under control, Though I do have still a slight tear and someday may have to have the Surgery. But all the therapy and strengthening of the surrounding muscles has made it much easier to deal with and healed it slightly.

    Once again WE do apologize, and sincerely wish things could have been different.
    I do wish each of them well with their other projects.




  8. I would like to personally apologize to all those disappointed by this… Gary & Jeremy have both said there peace regarding this and I feel that it is only respectful to this once great band to do the same.

    We were kids when this band started, I was 17 years old and Jeremy was 18 when we formed this band. We had many great ups and downs, got the priviledge to play with Gary and Dwayne who are both amazing musicians! We played numerous gigs, saw the creation of demo to finally album! My firsts in all musical endeavors was with this band.

    Throughout all the up’s and down’s this band was the better part of my life and I do respect that immensely! However, being 40 now and having alot of creative works under my belt, seeing MORGION reform to play SOLINARI was a very big highlight for me to say the least!

    Best way to describe MORGION is this… all the drama we find ourselves in, which is often, it was a catalyst to how this music was made and performed. I think that if we didn’t have our issues personally, this music just wouldn’t of been what it was.

    No excuses however, my own ego and attitude did contribute to this nonsense. I am not immune to the backlash and I know that the 4 of us have a very tumultuous relationship. In case that was not clear, now it is.

    Fortunately Jeremy is back from the mend, both Gary and Dwayne have lot’s of music to unleash upon the world soon. The future is a positive one, regardless of MORGION.

    In closing… whomever the troublemaker is who took it upon themselves to post an unofficial band statement on today, as well as all the “anonymous” posts on this site and others I’ve seen… divulging info that is not your fucking business AT ALL!?!?! Congratulations, you’re a nutcase.


    • I have to admit, I know nothing about this situation other than what I’ve seen other people say.

      However, *somehow* the MDF folks found out about the cancellation, because they announced it on Facebook. That is the first place I saw anything from a reputable source that confirmed the rumors I was hearing.

      My assumption would be that MDF would not announce the cancellation (or release an updated show poster without the band’s name on it) without having been in direct touch with either the band or their management.

      I don’t know when exactly that exchange might have taken place, but somewhere between there I guess it’s possible the word got leaked somehow?


      • MORGION does not have “management” we speak and do business on our own. Someone not affiliated with MORGION sent a news post to BLABBERMOUTH saying they are us. This same person has also been making fake profiles airing out this situation to continue to make drama.


      • But how would they have the information? Seems legit to me. Rhett are you saying that MDF cancelled you before checking their facts? Were you guys still going to play?


  9. Cult death/doom outfit MORGION canceled its appearance at this year’s edition of the Maryland Deathfest, set to take place May 23-26 at Former Sonar Compound in Baltimore.

    The band has now released the following statement to BLABBERMOUTH.NET:

    “There will be no reunions, no shows, no new recordings. MORGION tried to work together again for Maryland Deathfest 2013, but things did not work out between us (had nothing to do with Jeremy’s [Peto, bass/vocals] injury; he is better now) so MORGION was laid to rest R.I.P. Maryland Deathfest had no clue that we were not going to play this year until last week, so no fault to Maryland Deathfest; it’s all our fault due to issues between us we cannot resolve. Thanks to all the fans who supported us over the years. We thought we could tuff it out for Maryland Deathfest 2013 for one last go-around, but things just did not work out.”


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