Coming Soon: Undersmile Reveal Cover Art, Track Listing, and More!

Well, would you look at that.  It’s early Monday morning, it’s cold and rainy outside, and I have to go to work.  What a miserable way to start the day.  Just when I was thinking I could really use something dark and dismal to match my bleak mood, so that I could feel a little better, check out this treasure trove of incredible news I just found on Facebook!

I’ve been bubbling with excitement about a new Undersmile album ever since it was announced, as I mentioned when I wrote about that announcement back in November.  (Check out that earlier post if you need a brief introduction to the band and some of their earlier work.)  Well as it turns out, Future Noise has just announced a ton of brand new details about that album, Narwhal, which is now scheduled to emerge on 28 May 2012.

At the top of this post you can admire the artwork that will be adorning the new record (by artist Tony Roberts, who has done work in the past for bands such as Conan and Electric Wizard), and further down will be the full tracklist, as well as information on where you can hear a couple of these tracks now — plus how you can preorder a copy of the album!

Singers/guitarists Hel Sterne and Taz Corona-Brown, with drummer Tom McKibbin and bassist Olly Corona-Brown


Future Noise has called Narwhal “a progression into darker, heavier territory for the band,” which is kind of a scary thought considering how dark and heavy their material already was! The album, which is said to be nearly 80 minutes in length, was produced and mixed by Undersmile with Jimmy “Evil” Hetherington, while mastering (as previously announced) was done by Billy Anderson.

  1. Lockjaw
  2. Milk
  3. Funayurei
  4. Berk
  5. Cortege
  6. Myra
  7. Mandrill
  8. Verdigris
  9. The Unthinkable
  10. Qaanaaq

The first track, “Lockjaw” is currently streaming courtesy of The Sleeping Shaman, here!

And if that isn’t enough Undersmile for you (as if there were such a thing as “enough”), don’t forget about that Grip of Delusion Radio compilation I told you about a couple weeks ago, because the song “Verdigris” was included in that! Go download the compilation, if you haven’t yet, because it’s packed full of awesome material — but see the Bandcamp widget below if you just want a quick peek at “Verdigris”!


Narwhal will be released as both a digital download, as well as a 4-panel digipak CD, and preorders are available RIGHT NOW from Future Noise, right here.
Undersmile Facebook
Future Noise website, Facebook


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