Help Sangre Make Their Way Across the Country this Summer!

Good afternoon!  It’s been a little while since we checked in with our friends in Sangre… most recently when this review of their latest album was published back in February. Well, they’ve been keeping themselves busy — it seems like they’re constantly playing shows all over the southern California area.

But recently they’ve been gearing up to make their way across the rest of the country, with extensive touring all over the west coast, east coast, and everywhere in between! There are still a few dates that haven’t been nailed down yet, and I’d love to see these guys make their way to the western PA area, just as I’m sure you’ll be glad to have them in whatever city you live in.

Of course, there’s a lot of cost associated with that much traveling, and without the backing of a major label, the band will end up bearing that entire cost themselves. On top of that, it turns out the van they have been using is pretty old and beat-up, and quite frankly it might not make it that far! So they are looking at the option of renting something newer and more road-worthy. And that’s where you come in…

From Indiegogo:

Help Fund Sangre Summer 2012 Tour


Short Summary

For over 12 years our band Sangre has performed for thousands of music fans all over the West Coast & Southwestern Unites States and even parts of Mexico. As you can see in our photo we do have a tour van. Unfortunatly the past 5 years of touring has taken its toll on our 1995 Road Warrior. We’ve put A LOT of miles on it, and it only gets about 9 miles to the gallon pulling a trailer. We could really use donations to rent a newer van that will get double the mileage and or make necessary repairs to our van before we hit the road again this July for a Coast to Coast U.S. tour!

We are an independant DIY band that tours on our own dime, traveling from city to city and state to state making little money performing our music live to our fans all over the country. We do have day jobs and responsibilities but take time off from work to tour because music is our passion. We also spend many nights sleeping in the van in Wal Mart parking lots & truck stops.

It would mean the world to us to be able to rent a new dependable van or make repairs to our van to get us safely and cost effectively across the country. Your contributions will help us greatly and we appreciate all the support.

What We Need & What You Get

We’ve done some research in the cost of renting a newer model van for the miles needed for our upcoming summer tour and it’s a little over $2,000.00

The cost of repairing our van is a little less but it also has a lot miles and is always a risk due to its wear & tear. We are asking for $1,500.00 to help out with either cost because we feel that its enough to get us on the right track. Even if we don’t reach the $1,500.00 Goal we are determined to do this and will make due with what we do raise.

Our unique perks are definitely that! We are offering limited edition T-shirts (only printed for this cause), Signed CD’s, Signed Posters, Drum lesson from our drummer, ride to a show with us (locally) and we party with You all expenses paid, FREE show admittance, even a BBQ at your house with the bandmembers. We are a fun bunch of guys and love hanging with our fans!

The Impact

In previous years we’ve held car washes, raffles, and fundraiser shows to help with fuel & food costs while on the road but this year’s tour is much more costly being that our van is not in any condition to make a cross country trek, thus why your contributions are greatly needed and appreciated now more than ever!

Fans throughout the country have been demanding live performances from SANGRE for years and touring the east coast and midwest will be a huge accomplishment for us, cementing our name and legacy as a true U.S. touring band.

All funding made from this campaign will go to van repair or rental, anything extra will go towards additional expenses incurred on the road. Your contributions are vital to our tour and we will make good on every perk offered.

Other Ways You Can Help

We know that times are tough, and many of you may not be able to contribute even if you want to. So for those of you who cannot afford to make a contribution please help us by spreading the word about this campaign.

Share this campaign with your friends & family on your social network pages. Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Myspace, etc… Email, Text, Use word of mouth to get the word out. You can use the Indiegogo share tools also.

We appreciate all of your love and support.


The fundraising campaign will last 30 days. Unlike with some other donation websites, the band is guaranteed to get whatever funds are pledged between now and midnight on 13 June, regardless of whether they hit their goal or not. But like all other similar pledge drives (and like they mentioned in the description above), there are some gifts for those who donate at various levels — but ANY amount would surely be appreciated, and would go a long way toward helping support a great band!

  • $10: Signed CD & Sticker
    We will sign and mail you a copy of our album The Great Tribulation along with our new sticker & Thank you note.
  • $30: Limited Edition Shirt & More!
    You get our limited edition shirt, Signed CD of our album The Great Tribulation, New sticker & Thank you note.
  • $50: Deluxe Edition Bundle
    Signed Poster, limited edition tour poster, signed CD of our album The Great Tribulation, Limited edition shirt, stickers, AND a pair of tickets or admission for two to an upcoming show!
  • $100: Double Deluxe Edition Package!
    Get your choice of a Drum, Guitar, or Vocal lesson from a SANGRE member of your choice, limited edition Shirt, signed CD of our album The Great Tribulation, stickers, and signed posters.
  • $120: Party Package
    Party with Us, ride to a show with us (local or while in your city on tour), beverages & food on us, Limited edition shirt, signed CD of our album The Great Tribulation, signed Posters, and stickers!
  • $150: Ultimate Party Package
    We’ll bring the Party to your house! We come over and BBQ, hang out, party it up with you and your friends. Hook you up with stickers, posters, a signed CD of our album The Great Tribulation and get you into a show in your city for FREE! Added bonus for California residents… We’ll get you into our shows for FREE for 6 months! This is a huge value!!!



Once again, the Indiegogo fundraising page is here.

Sangre Facebook, Reverbnation, Youtube


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