Get ’em While They’re Hot: Free Downloads from Klonosphere and A389 Records!

Free music! Always a good thing, right?

The French label/promoter Klonosphere recently announced an 18-track sampler of their associated bands that you can download for free!

The bands include: Trepalium, Hypno5e, Memories of a Dead Man, Jenx, Pictured, Hyperdump, The Mistaken Sons of Alabama, Jumping Jack, Wild, Weaksaw, Nojia, Step in Fluid, Nephalokia, Dwail, Klone, Nami, Noein, and The Brutal Deceiver.

The comp is available right here (a direct link to the RAR file), but before you jump right in, click here for a much better write-up that the good folks at No Clean Singing have put together — including sound samples, links to reviews or profiles of some of the bands, as well as links to websites or Facebook pages of ALL the bands! (Because they apparently have more free time than I do, or something.)

Klonosphere: website, Facebook

And what’s better than free music? MORE free music!!

A389 Recordings has also just released a huge free sampler!


This year we have 52 new/unreleased and classic tracks for you to check out!

All we ask in return is you tell anyone about the mixtape.
Help us spread the word so these bands can be heard far and wide.
Tell a friend, post on a messageboard…whatever you want. Every little bit helps.

Download here or stream here.

Track Listing:

Seven Sisters of Sleep – “Slower Downer” (Taken from the upcoming self-titled 7″/CD, available June 2012)

Countdown to Oblivion – “Poster Children for Family Values” (Taken from the CTO Discography 12″, available now)

Ilsa – “Deadbeat’s Ballad” (Taken from the Intoxicantation 12″, coming soon)

Ringworm – “Leviathon” (Taken from the Your Soul Belongs To Us split 7″ w/Mindsnare, available now)

Homewrecker – “Worms and Dirt” (Taken from the Worms and Dirt 12″, coming June 2012)

Like Rats – “Fire” (Taken from the self titled 12″, coming soon)

Children of God – “Desolate” (Taken from the split 12″ w/Seven Sisters of Sleep, available now, PLUS NEW 7″ AND LP COMING SOON!)

The Guilt Of… – “Social Recall Rewind” (Taken from the split 10″ w/Ivs Primae Noctis (on Trip and Traume Records; NEW SPLIT 7″s w/ Full of Hell and Mighty Sphincter COMING SOON!)

Anne – “Virginal Plight” (Taken from the Dream Punx 12″, available now)

Pulling Teeth – “Lightning Strikes Twice” ( Originally by Rorschach; taken from the Lightning Strikes Twice 7″ Flexi, last copies still available)

Young and In the Way – “Death is Eager to Hold You” (Taken from the Amen/I Am Not What I Am 2×12″, available now, PLUS SPLIT 7″ w/Withdrawal COMING SOON!)

Junior Bruce – “Lt Fury” (Taken from The Headless King 12″, available now, PLUS SPLIT 12″ w/Earthride COMING SOON!)

God’s America – “Brain Numb” (Taken from the Our Bones will Bleach in the Sun 7″, coming soon)

Hatewaves – “No Friends” (Taken from The Tombs 5″, available now, PLUS SPLIT 7″ w/Eddie Brock COMING SOON!)

The Love Below – “Buyer’s Remorse” (Taken from the Every Tongue Shall Caress 12″, available now)

Empire of Rats – “Untitled” (Taken from the Empire of Rats 12″, coming soon)

Shin to Shin – “Don’t Lose Your Way” (Taken from the Costumes and Masks 12″, coming soon)

Sick Fix – “Boudica” (Taken from the Vexed 12″, coming soon)

Kill Life (w/Mike IX) – “Dead End America (Excerpt)” (Taken from the Dead End America 7″ Flexi, last copies still available)

Enforcers – “All I Am” (Taken from the End of Time 12″, available now)

Pleasant Living – “All I Ever Loved” (Taken from the self-titled 7″, coming soon)

Gravehill – “Death Knell (Of Death and Eternal Thirst)” (Taken from the Practitioners of Fell Sorcery 12″, available now)

Cynarae – “Prescribed Burn” (Taken from the self-titled 12″, coming June 2012, PLUS SPLIT 12″ w/Ancient Shores COMING SOON!)

Triac – “Child Thief” (Taken from the Always Meant to Hurt You 7″, available now)

Thee High Priestess – “Ekstatis” (Taken from the MMXII Cassette)

Nothing – “Downward Years to Come” (Taken from the Downward Years to Come 12″, coming soon)

Rot in Hell – “Heraclitus” (Taken from the split 7″ w/Horders (Feast of Tentacles, available now)

Unholy Majesty – “Age of Affliction” (Taken from the self-titled 7″, available now)

Integrity – “Kingdom of Heaven” (Taken from the Kingdom of Heaven 7″, available now)

Gehenna – “Disciple in My Own Image” (Taken from the split 7″ w/Blind to Faith, available now)

Low Places – “Struggle to Exist” (Taken from the Spiritual Treatment 12″, available now)

Pharaoh – “This House is Doomed” (Taken from the This House is Doomed 7″, coming June 2012)

Full of Hell – “The Lonely Path of the Cestoda” (Previously Unreleased; PLUS
SPLIT 7″ w/The Guilt of… COMING SOON!)

Vilipend – “Cutting Heartstrings” (Taken from the Inamorata 12″ coming soon)

Ancient Shores – “Sinking Ships” (Taken from the split 12″ w/Cynarae, coming soon)

Pale Creation – “Beauty Destruct” (Previously Unreleased)

Chapelle des Morts – “Blood Stained in White Lace” (Taken from the self-titled 12″, coming soon)

Virgin Witch – “Nail of Dicara” (Taken from the self-titled 7″, available now)

Pick Your Side – “New War” (Taken from the Let Me Show You How Democracy Works 12″, available now)

Eddie Brock – “Demoralizing Banter” (Taken from the Brand New Day 7″, available now; PLUS SPLIT 7″ w/Hatewaves COMING SOON!)

Penetration Panthers – “Perpetual 80′s” (Taken from the Perpetual 80’s 7″, available now)

Day of Mourning – “Bitter Taste of Every Murder” (Taken from the discography collection, coming soon)

Withdrawal – “Shapeshifter” (Taken from the Faith Flesh & Blood 7″, available now; SPLIT 7″ w/Young and in the Way COMING SOON!)

Trapped Under Ice – “Death Clock Ticking” (Taken from the split 7″ w/Dirty Money, re-issue available June 2012)

In Cold Blood – “Straight Flush” (Taken from the Suicide King 12″, re-issue coming soon)

Mindsnare – “Gather to Decompose” (Taken from the Your Soul Belongs to Us split 7″ w/Ringworm, available now)

Astronomer – “Mud Witch” (Taken from the self-titled 10″, coming soon)

Masakari – “Fight Back” (Originally by Discharge; self-titled 7″ Flexi coming soon)

Wisdom in Chains – “Snakes” (Taken from the Vigilante Saint 7″, re-issue coming June 2012)

Mighty Sphincter – “Holy Unholy” (Previously Unreleased; SPLIT 7″ w/The Guilt of… COMING SOON!)

Earthride – “Something Wicked” (Taken from the Something Wicked CD; PLUS, SPLIT 12″ w/Junior Bruce COMING SOON!)

Vermapyre – “Return of the Sorcerer” (Taken from the split 7″ w/Parasite, Holy Terror Records)


You can also download a389’s 2011 and 2010 mixtape/samplers for FREE below by visiting this page — enter the code: A3892011 for the 2011 Sampler, or A3892010 for the 2010 Sampler.

a389 Recordings: website, Facebook


2 responses to “Get ’em While They’re Hot: Free Downloads from Klonosphere and A389 Records!

  1. You beat me to the punch on that A389 comp. That’s the first post tomorrow at NCS. There’s definitely some good stuff on there.


    • You know I was kidding about that “more free time” thing, right?

      But yeah, just based on the handful of names I already know, I’ve got a feeling there’s going to be a pretty high ratio of good stuff here! (Once I actually get a chance to listen to the whole thing…)


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