Upcoming Shows: Dresden 2012 U.S. Tour Kicks Off This Week

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Crust Warriors Dresden Announce May/June Tour Dates

…and they include Pittsburgh! Even better, although the show is on a Sunday, it’s the night before Memorial Day, so you don’t even have to worry about going to work in the morning.

Here is the official press release, and the list of dates will follow below.

Crust punk crew Dresden will be hitting the road later this month, burning their way through their native Midwest and out towards the coast. The band’s M.O. is a powerful mixture of D-beat hardcore and powerful punk imbued with a vicious intensity that comes from their depth of experience playing in bands like Wartorn, Despite, In Defence, False, and Remission. Along the way, Dresden will be joining forces with Profane Existence cohorts and legends in their own right Deviated Instinct, Antisect, Wartorn, Appalachian Terror Unit, and Tragedy. Don’t miss out on these gigs – blood will be shed, cities will be leveled, justice will be served.



May 18th Madison WI @ Subvert City
May 19th Chicago IL @ Blackwater Records w/ Wartorn, Tragedy
May 20th Appleton WI @ Yer Casa w/ Tragedy
May 21st Huntington WV @ TBA w/ ATU
May 22nd Philly PA @ TBA w/ Spent Flesh
May 23rd Boston MA @ O’Brien’s Pub
May 24th Hartford CT @ The Whitney House w/ Consumption
May 25th NYC @ Acheron w/ Deviated Instinct, Nomad, Koward
May 27th Pittsburgh @ The Shop w/ Deviated Instinct, Wrathcobra
MAY 28th Cleveland Oh @ Now Thats Class w/ Deviated Instinct
May 29th Detroit MI @ The Corktown Tavern w/ Deviated Instinct
May 30th Chicago IL @ Ultra Lounge w/ Deviated Instinct, Coelacanth
May 31st Minneapolis, MN @ Medusa w/ Deviated Instinct, Kontrasekt
June 1st Winona MN @ TBA
June 2nd Duluth MN @ TBA
June 3rd Minneapolis, MN @ TBA w/ Wartorn, Antisect

Dresden: Myspace
Profane Existence: website, Facebook


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