Upcoming Shows: What To Do In Pittsburgh This Weekend (19 May 2012)

Hello.  It’s time once again to talk about “What To Do In Pittsburgh” this weekend.  There are a couple cool goings-on in the world of heavy music, coming up this Saturday (19 May) that I’d like to bring to your attention — one in Pittsburgh, and one that’s a few hours away (but both involve local area musicians).  And just to remind you once again, if you work for a local promotion company, a venue, or a band, I can only write about the shows that I know about!  So get in touch with me if you’ve got something you want to share.


Number one: as I had alluded to last week, the annual party known as The Punk Rock Sock Hop will be taking place on Saturday (19 May) at the Arena Sports & Entertainment Bar & Grill (1521 Martin Street, State College PA 16803).  That’s only a couple hours outside of town — not a bad drive to catch a great show, and of course a splendid time is guaranteed for all.

Doors open at 7 and it’s just $10 to get in — the price of admission includes a bunch of bands, as well as loads of crazy contests and games and … well, just check out the  Facebook event page to learn all about it.

Scheduled to perform:

Pitfall Combat (Huntingdon, PA) – “Popcoustic Punk Rock”
Frank’s Action Rocket Team (Milesburg, PA) – “Punk Rock”
Suicide Success Story (State College, PA) – “The worst thing you’ve ever heard”
The Whatleys (State College, PA) – “Punk Rock”
The Park Street Sluts (Pittsburgh, PA) – “Progressive Pussy Rock”
The Botched! (Pittsburgh, PA) – “Dirty Rock, Filthy Punk, Grimey Metal”

Admittedly, of the bands listed, I’ve only experienced one of them live — The Botched (who, by the way, share quite a few members with local pirate metal band The Bloody Seamen), but it’s almost worth the price of admission just to witness the level of insanity these guys put on display.  At first, I thought that the way they cover tasteless and generally taboo subjects in their songs was an attempt to attract attention through the gimmick of being intentionally offensive.  But after a while I realized that in fact, these guys (particularly lead singer “Porno Batman”) truly just lack the social skills to know any better, and they’re just there to have a good time.


MotorpsychosSheppard’s File CD release party!

Saturday 19 May 2012, 10:00pm
31st Street Pub, Strip District (3101 Penn Ave.)
21+ only, $5 will get you in.

Pittsburgh punk/metal scene veterans Motorpsychos are all set to release their fourth album, Sheppard’s File.  I haven’t had a chance to grab a copy of it yet, but I hear it rocks like nobody’s business.  You can expect to find a review sometime in the near future on this blog…

The show also features guest performances by Solarburn and Rogue Signals.

For more information, check the Facebook event page.
Motorpsychos: website, Facebook


Now, don’t let me hear anybody say they don’t have anything to do!


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