Help Dirty Shirt Record Their Next Album!

Do you remember the Romanian metal band Dirty Shirt?

We first met them a few months back when they were the “Signmeto Roadrunner Records Unsigned Band of the Week,” and then checked in with them earlier this week when I reported about some awards they had won.

Anyway, at the time of that original post, I pointed out that their most recent release was the album Same Shi(r)t Different Day, released in 2010. I told you that that album could be downloaded for free by emailing (in a lower-quality 128k version), and that it is also available for sale in a higher quality format from their “Dirty Shop” webstore.

Well, considering that it’s now been two years since that album’s release, it seems the band have decided they want to get back in the studio to work on the next one. And that’s where you come in! Recording, engineering, mixing, mastering, etc. — all that stuff isn’t cheap, and so the guys are trying to raise some of the costs in advance; in exchange for donations now, you can be rewarded with copies of the album once it’s completed — and a whole lot more!



Help Dirty Shirt Record Their Next Album

We need your support now more than ever. The inspiration and energy to create a great new record is there. We don’t have the support of a label and this gives us incredible artistic freedom. But it also means we need to raise our own financing. Our goal is to release an album in 2013. The minimal budget for the project is 4000 Euros, including mixing, mastering and production. Every euro raised over, will be used for studio recordings (instead of home recordings), promotion of the album and preparation of the live tour.

How you can participate? By donating any sum of your wish and choosing an award, corresponding at your donation. You can contribute with a secured PayPal transfer (with credit card or paypal account).


Here is a list of the awards they plan to give anyone who contributes:

  • 1€ or more – Our thanks and a virtual high five
  • 5€ or more – Digital Album
  • 15€ (10€ within Romania) or more – Digital Album + Signed CD + Guitar Pick + Sticker
  • 30€ (25€ within Romania) or more – Digital Album + Signed CD + Guitar Pick + Sticker + Poster +T-Shirt + Free Gig
  • 60€ (50€ within Romania) or more – Digital Album + Signed CD + Guitar Pick + Sticker + Poster +T-Shirt + Sweatshirt + Free Gig + Drum Stick + Bonus CD


Digital Album: You will receive the digital album (mp3 320k) at least two weeks before release date.

Signed CD: The physical album signed by Dirty Shirt members will be sent at least two weeks before the album release. The CD could be used also as coaster for your drinks or you can suspend it on your car mirror (this gives nice light effects).

Guitar Pick: A guitar or bass Dirty Shirt pick. If you make a little hole inside and put a string, you can suspend it with the CD on your car mirror.

Sticker: A new limited edition sticker (as all the others). How fun is that? You can stick it everywhere, just use your imagination.

Poster: a signed Dirty Shirt poster, to put in a frame, with your family pictures wall. Yes, we are now part of your family.

T-Shirt: Male or female? Small or extra-large? It doesn’t matter. We promise that the T-shirt will be clean and it’s up to you to get it dirty!!!

Sweet: Tell us your size, and we will keep you warm with our Dirty Sweatshirts

Free Gig: You will have free access at one of Dirty Shirt headliner gig for the next tour 2013-2014. We hope that we will have a show in your town, but if not, you have to pay for your own travel expenses. But it will be worth it!

Drum Stick : Yes, your dream comes true. You will receive a drum stick (used if possible, a new one if not) signed by the unique Vlad “X” Toca. Attention: you should handle carefully this stick, because in several countries is considered as a white weapon.

Bonus CD: A surprise CD, we won’t tell you before. Yes, you can use it in the same manner as the album CD (drink coaster or car accessory)



When making a donation, don’t forget to give us all information about the award you selected: email, post address, size and model for t-shirts and sweats, pick type (guitar or bass).

We will keep you posted every step of the album advancements. Now we are finishing the composition, and you can already listen some samples of instrumental first drafts on our soundcloud page!

Here is the schedule: recording (July-August), mix (September-October), mastering (November), first single/video (December), a second single/video (beginning of 2013), release and tour (first trimester of 2013).

Sincerely yours,
Dirty Shirt (Rini, Robi, Mihai, Cristi, Pali & Vlad)

Once more, here is the link to the Dirty Shirt project page.

Dirty Shirt: website, Facebook, Myspace, Youtube, Soundcloud, Reverbnation, Signmeto Roadrunner Records


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