Make a Video for Gwydion, Win a SUPER FAN PACK!

Portuguese pagan/viking metal band Gwydion want to see if there are any aspiring video directors among their fans!

They’ve just announced a new contest where you can win a great prize package by putting together a video using their music…


The Gwydion Beerzerker Contest

Complete the Six Trials To Become a Real Beerzerker!


Make a Video with our music (2 Minutes minimum length) and win a Super Gwydion Fan Pack and a signed Beerzerker Certificate!

The winning video will become an official Gwydion Video with your name on it!

Send Your videos (until July 31st) to

The “Super Fan Pack” includes all of the following:

  • CD copy of their 2008 album Ŷnys Mön (Trollzorn Records)
  • CD copy of their 2010 album Horn Triskelion (Trollzorn Records)
  • Horn Triskelion t-shirt, long sleeve shirt, pin…

The contest is named for the closing track on their last album, “Six Trials to Become a Beerzerker” — the rules don’t explicitly say that the music you use needs to come from that song, though.

Gwydion: Facebook, Myspace, Reverbnation, Youtube
Trollzorn: website, Facebook


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