No Gnews is Good Gnews (11 December 2017)



No Gnews is Good Gnews!


Happy Monday once again, folks! Today we’re going to dive back into our extensive mailbox for various news items that have come our way since our last update. For starters, we’ve got new information about two of the bands we discussed last time (Harakiri for the Sky and Tengger Cavalry) plus more goodies!


* * * * * * *


We’ve already discussed the fact that Austrian post-black metal band Harakiri for the Sky will be releasing their fourth studio album, Arson, on 16th February 2018 via AOP Records, and if you didn’t hear the first new single, “Tomb Omnia,” check it out here. Well, a new song has just dropped: a monstrous 10+ minute, epic post-black metal masterpiece entitled “You are the Scars” which vocalist J.J. refers to as “a retrospective on broken relationships and the void that stays when people leave.”


This lyric video was directed, filmed, and edited by Andreas J. Borsodi with calligraphy and creative consulting by Albert Hupeka. Harakiri for the Sky will be performing an exclusive album release show for Arson on 10th February 2018 at Szene in Vienna, in the midst of a series of dates all across Europe (see below). If none of these shows are near where you live, you can choose to pre-order a copy of the record right here.


Harakiri for the Sky Winter 2017-2018 Arson Tour:

Dec 1 – Prague, CZ – Nova Chmelnice
Dec 2 – Ostrava, CZ – Barrak
Dec 3 – Brno, CZ – Melodka
Dec 4 – Bratislava, SK – Randal Club
Dec 5 – Budapest, HU – Dürer Kert
Jan 17 – Turku, FI – Gong
Jan 18 – Tampere, FI – Klubi
Jan 19 – Jyväskylä, FI – JKL Metal Festival
Jan 20 – Helsinki, FI – Metal Crane Festival
Jan 21 – Tallinn, EE – Tapper
Jan 25 – Malmö, SE – Babel
Jan 26 – Göteborg, SE – Musikens hus
Jan 27 – Stockholm, SE – Klubben
Jan 28 – Karlstad, SE – Nöjesfabriken
Jan 29 – Oslo, NO – Revolver
Feb 10 – Vienna, AT – Szene Wien (Exclusive Release Arson Show)
*Mar 2 – Essen, DE – Turock
*Mar 3 – Vosselaar, BE – Biebob Concerts
*Mar 5 – Nantes, FR – Le Ferrailleur – Café Concert
*Mar 6 – Paris, FR – O’Sullivans Backstage
*Mar 7 – Colmar, FR – Legrillen Grillen
*Mar 8 – Aarau, CH – KIFF
*Mar 9 – Pavia, IT – DAGDA Live Club
*Mar 10 – San Donà di Piave, IT – Revolver Club
*Mar 12 – Budapest, HU – A38 Hajó
*Mar 13 – Kraków, PL – Klub Alchemia
*Mar 14 – Magdeburg, DE – Factory
*Mar 15 – Erfurt, DE – Club From Hell
*Mar 16 – Berlin, DE – Roadrunners Rock & Motor Club
*Mar 17 – Mannheim, DE _ MS Connexion Complex
*Mar 18 – Tilburg, NL – Poppodium 013

* dates with Dool as part of their Elate|Elevate tour (sponsored by District 19)


* * * * * * *


Last time around, we had mentioned that Mongolian-themed folk metal band Tengger Cavalry had signed with Napalm Records, and were planning a new album (a follow-up to this year’s Die on My Ride, reviewed here) for early next year. The first single from that album is pictured above and can be heard by clicking on the image. Well, now we’ve got some more specific details about that forthcoming record!

Set to be released on 23 February 2018, Tengger Cavalry‘s sixth album (and first for Napalm) will be called Cian Bi. The title is taken from the name of an ancient nomadic tribe (also spelled “Xianbei”) that had migrated into Northern China over two thousand years ago. Here is a glimpse of the album’s cover art, and below that, you will find the planned track listing! Visit the Napalm Records store here to pre-order a copy.


1. And Darkness Continues
2. Cian-Bi (Fight Your Darkness)
3. Our Ancestors
4. Strength
5. Chasing My Horse
6. Electric Shaman
7. Ride into Grave and Glory (War Horse II)
8. Redefine
9. A Drop of the Blood, A Leap of the Faith
10. The Old War
11. One Tribe, Beyond Any Nation
12. Just Forgive
13. One-Track Mind
14. You and I, Under the Same Sky
15. Sitting In Circle


* * * * * * *


You probably remember last year when we reviewed viking metal overlords Amon Amarth‘s latest album, the Metal Blade-released Jomsviking; and perhaps you caught this post a few months back where we’d shared a new video from that album. Well get ready for something brand new — and utterly unique — that has emerged from the land of the ice and snow.

Available immediately, Swedish heavy metal titans Amon Amarth — in partnership with Swedish video game developer and publisher Ride & Crash Games AB — has unleashed a new mobile video game!

You are Thor and your mission is simple: cleanse Midgard from all of the vile creatures that are threatening the (*ahem*) peaceful Viking way of life. There are three keys to ensure your success:

(1) your hammer, Mjolnir;
(2) your control of the freakin’ thunder and lightning!; and
(3) your fighting spirit is always high thanks to Amon Amarth‘s epic music in retro style blasting from over the horizons and into your ears.

The unique game features four worlds, four epic battles, twelve unique levels and thirteen different Amon Amarth tracks with retro video game sounds!

The game is available worldwide to the public for iOS and Android phones and tablets for a retail price of $8.99. Clicking this link should lead straight to the appropriate App Store for your mobile device.

The idea for the game was conceived in the fall of 2015 when Robert Chirico Willstedt, a video game producer in Stockholm and founder of Ride & Crash Games AB, met Amon Amarth. Robert and the band bonded over epic amounts of beer and a common love of video games, and they started discussing how cool it would be if they could create a video game for Amon Amarth. There and then, the idea was born of a retro-style Viking platformer with Amon Amarth music in ’80s-sounding square wave format. Robert hand-picked a team of developers and designers to realize the game concept. The band met the development team continuously during the development process to ensure the end product would stay true to the initial vision of the game. This is an authentic Amon Amarth product.

Grab Mjolnir. Blast Amon Amarth. Save Midgard.


* * * * * * *


And finally — since we were on the subject of epic viking metal — it’s been several years since we’ve checked in with Gwydion (from Lisbon, Portugal). The band are currently preparing a new album, to follow 2013’s Veteran, and have just launched a crowdfunding campaign to help complete the process:



We are inviting you to support Gwydion and help us finalize our new album!

As you know, Gwydion exists since 1995 and the music-industry has changed a lot along these years. But we have always kept our heads held high and moved on with your enduring support !

We can tell you that our new album is ready to be forged! Yes, we have a full set of new epic folk metal songs for you guys but we need to record them and do all the stuff that evolves a professional CD launch. We want our fans to experience our work in the way they deserve to listen, with quality!

BUT … we DO need your help:

You will understand that recording, mixing and mastering, promotion is a considerable amount of money. As well as making new band pictures, hiring a graphic designer for the new cover-artwork, shooting a video … and lots of other things we want to be on the album, so it can be better and better.

For [these] steps, we would like to ask your help. We need funds for the mixing, mastering, artwork, pressing of the CDs, promotion, and a new website. Below we are offering the new CD as a PRE-ORDER and various other pledges which all can be considered as a “long distance pre-sale” for the new CD. All your money will be used for the final steps of releasing this CD. The CD has a release date towards the middle of July 2018 and all of you who invest in a pledge-package will receive the new album before the release-date … plus the extras of your choice.

The Gwydion fans have always overwhelmed us with your support and have always motivated us to keep making music and providing kick-ass shows! Stick with us for this album and join us on this journey! We cannot reveal too much yet about the album, but we can say this: Fans will get a new epic folk metal album! It will sound like Gwydion, we definitely promise you that!

So, in short:
– Help us with the final steps for our new album and make a pre-order by choosing a package.
– You will receive your package before the release date, which is set towards the middle of July 2018.

\m/ We Thank You All Beerzerkers \m/


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