Migration Fest – Pittsburgh, July 2018

Following the success of Wisconsin’s Gilead Fest in 2012 and 2014, the organizers (Gilead Media) hooked up with west-coast label 20 Buck Spin to continue the biennial tradition, kicking off the new Migration Fest in Washington state in 2016. Naturally, the next edition of this festival would be slated for 2018, and the labels have jointly announced that it will be held at the highly-esteemed Mr. Smalls Theatre in Millvale, PA — immediately adjacent to Pittsburgh.

This is, of course, huge news for us at Valley of Steel, and anyone else who lives in the general vicinity. And the first wave of bands has recently been released, which can be found listed below; we’ll continue to bring you more news about this festival as information becomes available. There are many more announcements forthcoming, including the headliners (although just the part of the line-up we know about so far is more than enough to get pretty excited about!)



Migration Fest 2018

27-29 July 2018

Mr. Smalls Theatre

400 Lincoln Ave, Millvale PA 15209

Tickets to go on sale February 2018


Abyss (death/crust, Toronto ON)
Cloud Rat (grind, Mount Pleasant MI)
Couch Slut (noise/metal, Brooklyn NY)
Daeva (black/thrash, Philadelphia PA)
Deadbird (sludge/doom, Fayetteville AR)
False (black metal, Minneapolis MN)
Hell (blackened doom/drone, Salem OR)
Khemmis (doom, Denver CO)
Mizmor (black/doom/drone, Portland OR)
Mutilation Rites (black metal, New York NY)
Panopticon (Appalachian folk/black, Kentucky/Minnesota)
Scorched (death metal, Delaware)
Spirit Adrift (doom, Phoenix AZ)
Thou (sludge/doom, Baton Rouge LA)
Tomb Mold (death metal, Toronto ON)
Yellow Eyes (black metal, New York NY)


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