Migration Fest – Tickets On Sale Now! – Pittsburgh, July 2018

Back in December we told you that this year Gilead Media + 20 Buck Spin‘s extravaganza Migration Fest would be coming to Pittsburgh in July. At that time the majority of the line-up had been announced. Well, within the past week, the remaining holes in the schedule have been filled in, and tickets have gone on sale! There are some names here we’ve written about before, and several more that we plan to sometime in the near future. Stay tuned for that. But in the meantime, check out the complete updated list down below, and then grab your tickets before they all sell out!



Migration Fest 2018

27-29 July 2018

Mr. Smalls Theatre

400 Lincoln Ave, Millvale PA 15209


Abyss (death/crust, Toronto ON)
* Bongripper (stoner/sludge, Chicago IL)
* The Cancer Conspiracy (prog rock, Burlington VT)
Cloud Rat (grind, Mount Pleasant MI)
Couch Slut (noise/metal, Brooklyn NY)
Daeva (black/thrash, Philadelphia PA)
Deadbird (sludge/doom, Fayetteville AR)
* Derkéta (death/doom, Pittsburgh PA)
False (black metal, Minneapolis MN)
* Fórn (doom/sludge, Boston MA)
Hell (blackened doom/drone, Salem OR)
Khemmis (doom, Denver CO)
* Krallice (avant-black, New York NY)
Mizmor (black/doom/drone, Portland OR)
* Mournful Congregation (funeral doom, Adelaide AU)
Mutilation Rites (black metal, New York NY)
* The Ominous Circle (black/death, Oporto PT)
Panopticon (Appalachian folk/black, Kentucky/Minnesota)
* Pelican (post-metal, Des Plaines IL)
* Pyrolatrous (blackened melodic death, Brooklyn NY)
Scorched (death metal, Delaware)
Spirit Adrift (doom, Phoenix AZ)
Thou (sludge/doom, Baton Rouge LA)
Tomb Mold (death metal, Toronto ON)
Yellow Eyes (black metal, New York NY)
* Zombi (synth-ambient, Pittsburgh PA)

* = new announcements since original post

Note: a separate pre-fest event with separate admission will also be taking place, at a venue yet to be announced and with a line-up of bands also yet to be announced… so stay tuned for that as well!


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