No Gnews is Good Gnews



No Gnews is Good Gnews!


Hello, and happy Monday, and (if you live in the U.S.) happy day-back-to-work-after-a-nice-long-holiday-weekend. It’s been quite some time since we’ve checked in with our pal Gary Gnu (pictured above), so here he is again, bringing you some bits of gnews that recently arrived in our inbox …



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Does anyone else remember these guys? Hard rock and/or latter-day hair-glam-metal band Babylon A.D., who are celebrating their 30th anniversary this year, recently announced a brand-new album — their fourth overall. Known primarily for their self-titled 1989 debut which spawned three metal radio hits, and the 1992 follow-up Nothing Sacred which was actually where I’d first heard of the California-based group (I can still remember picking up a copy of the CD at the local mall as a young teen), these guys apparently had stayed together through the years (occasionally touring and releasing various live and studio compilations). Now, still featuring their original line-up, the band has just released Revelation Highway on the tenth of November via Frontiers Music SRL.

Regarding the new record, vocalist Derek Davis has said, “This record kicks ass, from the opening track ‘Crash and Burn’ to the last track ‘Saturday Night.’ The band had a blast making the album and a lot had to do with original founding member lead-guitarist John Matthews rejoining the band. He really lit the fire that got the band’s blood pumping to make a new record. For me it was awesome to produce and mix such a cool record. It’s very hard hitting yet melodic, with some great lyrical storytelling and great stand out tracks like ‘One Million Miles,’ ‘Tears,’ ‘Rags to Riches,’ and ‘She Likes To Give It.’ The songs are so catchy and memorable on the first listen I know our fans are gonna love it! And of course there are some burning guitar leads to keep the metal heads happy. The band is very grateful that Frontiers Music Srl listened to the tracks and felt the same way about them as we do and offered us the opportunity to get this record out. We can’t wait to hit the road and play the material live.”


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Now here’s one most of you will surely be familiar with: Mongolian-themed folk metal band Tengger Cavalry, whose latest album Die on My Ride we reviewed right here earlier this year. Turns out, the New York-headquartered band has joined the roster of Napalm Records, who are well-known for a wide array of excellent releases, including quite a few of the pagan/folk metal variety.

Furthermore, the nomadic horde have announced that their first album through Napalm will be emerging early in 2018, with an initial single “Ritual and Redemption” available for your listening pleasure RIGHT NOW!


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More news about an upcoming 2018 release: Austrian post-black metal band Harakiri for the Sky will make their awaited return with the release of their fourth studio album, Arson, which will debut on 16th February via AOP Records. The band has shared the record’s first new single, “Tomb Omnia,” an 8+ minute, crushing tale of anguish and pain that’s set to the band’s signature sound of lush, enthralling riffs that blur the line between black metal and atmospheric post-rock.


Arson was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Daniel Fellner and follows the band’s critically celebrated 2016 album III: Trauma, which was featured on many critics’ “Best of 2016” lists and received a nomination for the “Amadeus Austrian Music Award.” Harakiri for the Sky will be performing an exclusive album release show on 10th February 2018 at Szene in Vienna, in the midst of a series of recently-announced dates all across Europe:

Harakiri for the Sky Winter 2017-2018 Arson Tour:

Dec 1 – Prague, CZ – Nova Chmelnice
Dec 2 – Ostrava, CZ – Barrak
Dec 3 – Brno, CZ – Melodka
Dec 4 – Bratislava, SK – Randal Club
Dec 5 – Budapest, HU – Dürer Kert
Jan 17 – Turku, FI – Gong
Jan 18 – Tampere, FI – Klubi
Jan 19 – Jyväskylä, FI – JKL Metal Festival
Jan 20 – Helsinki, FI – Metal Crane Festival
Jan 21 – Tallinn, EE – Tapper
Jan 25 – Malmö, SE – Babel
Jan 26 – Göteborg, SE – Musikens hus
Jan 27 – Stockholm, SE – Klubben
Jan 28 – Karlstad, SE – Nöjesfabriken
Jan 29 – Oslo, NO – Revolver
Feb 10 – Vienna, AT – Szene Wien (Exclusive Release Arson Show)
*Mar 2 – Essen, DE – Turock
*Mar 3 – Vosselaar, BE – Biebob Concerts
*Mar 5 – Nantes, FR – Le Ferrailleur – Café Concert
*Mar 6 – Paris, FR – O’Sullivans Backstage
*Mar 7 – Colmar, FR – Legrillen Grillen
*Mar 8 – Aarau, CH – KIFF
*Mar 9 – Pavia, IT – DAGDA Live Club
*Mar 10 – San Donà di Piave, IT – Revolver Club
*Mar 12 – Budapest, HU – A38 Hajó
*Mar 13 – Kraków, PL – Klub Alchemia
*Mar 14 – Magdeburg, DE – Factory
*Mar 15 – Erfurt, DE – Club From Hell
*Mar 16 – Berlin, DE – Roadrunners Rock & Motor Club
*Mar 17 – Mannheim, DE _ MS Connexion Complex
*Mar 18 – Tilburg, NL – Poppodium 013

* dates with Dool as part of their Elate|Elevate tour (sponsored by District 19)


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And finally, Canadian duo of doom Zaum, whose 2016 album Eidolon we discussed just a few months ago right here, have announced a short run of shows through the eastern part of the country, which they’re calling “The Ritual Experience” …



Zaum‘s December 2017 “The Ritual Experience” Eastern Canada Tour

Performed as one with Nawal Doucette, Olive Bestvater, Ricky Frenette, and projections by Jamie McEwan.
Evening performance between 8pm – 11pm.
** denotes seated show

Dec 1 – Saint John, NB @ Sanctuary Theatre **
Dec 2 – Moncton, NB @ Aberdeen Theatre **
Dec 8 – Fredericton, NB @ Maniac Mansion
Dec 9 – Halifax, NS @ The Seahorse


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