Now Hear This: New A Band of Orcs Song Now Streaming!

Well, I feel like I’ve just had my head repeatedly bludgeoned, between an enormous hammer and and an even enormous-er anvil.

And I’m about to go back and do it again.

If that sounds appealing to you, too, then feel free to join me… head on over to Hails and Horns, where they are streaming the first single off A Band of Orcs‘ upcoming album Adding Heads to the Pile, “In the Keeper’s Chamber”!

They’ve also collected quite a bit of information on that page about the story of the band and of their soon-to-be-released concept album, so be sure to check that out while you’re there!

“In the Keeper’s Chamber” is due to be released on Saturday (30 June) as a downloadable single, in advance of the album’s August release (via Itchy Metal). If the rest of the songs are as brutal and punishing as this one, then I’ll definitely be counting down the days until then!

As of right now, the album is expected to come out on CD and digital download, but (as you may recall) the orcs are also taking pre-orders for an incredible 2xLP picture-disc vinyl package (through Kickstarter) — click here for the full details on that, and hurry up if you’re interested, because there’s less than a week remaining for them to achieve their target amount to be able to afford to get the records manufactured! (FYI, a free download of this song is just one of the many glorious rewards that await you for your contributions…)

A Band of Orcs: website, Facebook, Myspace, Youtube
Hails and Horns: website, Facebook


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