Free Music Alert: Download the New Telepathy. Single!


Telepathy.Lucretius (03 July 2012, self-released)

Hello there, Readers. How are you enjoying your Monday so far?

I guess that’s kind of like asking for your opinion on receiving surgery without any anaesthesia, isn’t it…

Personally, I am really having trouble getting re-acclimated to the whole “working” thing — it’s like that feeling when you’ve been away on vacation for a whole week and somehow forgot how to do everything.

Oh well, I do have one piece of good news to share with you, that just might help give you a little bit of motivation (or at least help you wake up) today. I’ve learned that the UK-based instrumental prog band Telepathy. have just put out a brand new single!


“Lucretius” was just announced last week, and follows the band’s five-song EP Fracture which was released in July 2011. I’ve seen some whispers over the past few weeks from Telepathy. about recording a new album, but I don’t know if this new song will be part of that or not.

Either way, it sounds great — a bit heavier than the songs on Fracture, for the most part. While that EP did have a smattering of crunchy bits, in “Lucretius” they just seem a bit more devastating — which in turn intensifies the contrast with the lighter, moodier bits. The jazzy, free-form drumming is still there, as well as the noodly guitar lines, but another difference that I noticed is the sound of the bass part — whereas in the older material the bass sometimes sounds like it’s either blended with a synth or tweaked by some sort of effect which gave it a somewhat artificial flavor, on this new song it sounds more open and organic. At least to my ears, it seems to work better.

Grab a copy of the new single through this Bandcamp widget — get it for free, or pay whatever you feel it’s worth…

And just in case you missed it, you can also download the 2011 EP here — also free, but again you have the option to pay whatever price you choose, and the band would surely appreciate any contributions they could put towards future recordings…

Telepathy.: Facebook, Myspace, Soundcloud, Bandcamp


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