Upcoming Shows: Some Bands are Playing in Delaware!

Hi. I’m in Delaware.


Good evening. I’d like to take a few moments to talk to you about the state of Delaware. For any foreign readers (or Americans who are just really bad at history and geography), Delaware is one of the fifty states that comprise the United States.

It’s noteworthy for being one of the original thirteen British colonies that declared independance from the UK and went on to form the USA. Furthermore, its biggest claim to fame was being the first out of those thirteen states to adopt the new national constitution.

In the two centuries that have passed since that time, Delaware has done pretty much nothing else to distinguish itself. This is clear if you ever see the license plate on one of the state’s cars: they all have a slogan that says “The First State.”

If you look at a map, Delaware is a skinny little piece of land hanging off the southeast corner of Pennsylvania — as if Philadelphia just came out of the bathroom and failed to notice it had a piece of toilet paper stuck to the bottom of its shoe. In fact, I suppose you could say Delaware is to Philadelphia pretty much what New Jersey is to New York City.


That’s weird, you know so much about Delaware. Who are you, fuckin’ Joe Biden?


Well despite all that, the residents of this state seem to think there is something more to the place where they live. I am basing this observation entirely on the one person I know who lives in Delaware, who happens to be a frequent reader and commenter on some of the same metal blogs that I read and comment on.

Recently he said something about how Philadelphia seems to attract all the good shows, and maybe if that city were destroyed, more bands would come to Delaware instead. I can sort of relate to this; although I live in the same state, I am almost six hours away from Philly, but it seems that many national touring bands feel one stop in Pennsylvania is sufficient. If I’m lucky, they’ll also come to Cleveland (Ohio) but that’s still three hours from here.

Anyway, the point of all this is that I just saw (via the always-helpful folks at Clawhammer PR) not one, but TWO bands who are playing shows in Delaware in the near future! Both are part of mini mid-Atlantic tours, and of course neither of them are coming anywhere near Pittsburgh, but when I heard about this, I felt it was my duty to pass the information along.

If you live in Philadelphia, Virginia, or New Jersey (or on the west coast), there’s some good news for you here as well.



New Jersey’s Hammer Fight are getting ready to take their bar-brawling thrash n’ roll out west for their “Wrecked Coast DisasTOUR” with Sacramento’s Psychosomatic.

The band will be playing in support of their self-titled debut EP, out now on Horror Pain Gore Death Productions. Earlier this year, the band shot a video for the song “Get Wrecked” off that EP, which features a typical Hammer Fight house party with additional footage shot at The Irish in Kearny, NJ…

Fans can also expect to hear material from the band’s as-of-yet-untitled sophomore effort, which is currently in pre-production.

To prepare for the upcoming west coast shows, a brief series of dates closer to home have been scheduled:

Hammer Fight Live:

7/14 Philadelphia, PA @ Sweeny’s
8/4 Milton, DE @ Oswald Festival
8/10 Philadelphia, PA @ Club Risque
8/11 Philadelphia, PA @ O’Reilly’s Pub

Wrecked Coast DisasTOUR Dates:

8/17 Los Angeles, CA @ TBA
8/18 San Diego, CA @ TBA
8/19 Las Vegas, NV @ TBA
8/20 Bakersfield, CA @ The Mint
8/21 Fresno, CA @ TBA
8/22 Salinas, CA @ TBA
8/23 Oakland, CA @ Eli’s Mile Hile Club
8/24 Chico, CA @ Cafe Coda
8/25 Sacramento, CA @ TBA

For updates, visit Hammer Fight on Facebook; while you’re there, check out the contest the band is running throughout the month of July. At the end of each week this month, the band will be giving away a free “something” to a fan…




North Carolina death metal band Bloodsoaked will be playing a trio of dates later this month (which they’re calling “Three Days of Death”) in New Jersey, Virginia, and Delaware.

Full streams of the albums Sadistic Deeds…Grotesque Memories and The Death of Hope are available at Stereokiller.


Bloodsoaked Three Days of Death Mini-Tour Dates:

Thursday July 19th @ Roger’s Sports Pub
2002 Bainbridge Blvd, Chesapeake VA
w/ Ancient Torture Techniques, Cyaegha, Bottomfeeder, and Vørgum

Friday July 20th @ MOJO 13
1706 Philadelphia Pike, Wilmington DE
w/ Sapremia, Nightfire, Polterchrist, and Blood of Abel

Saturday July 21st @ Devlin’s Irish Pub
450 1st St, Atco NJ
w/ Dehumanized, Short Bus Pileup, Cognitive, The Summoned, and Doomsday Machine Schematic

More details: Facebook, Bandcamp, Youtube


2 responses to “Upcoming Shows: Some Bands are Playing in Delaware!

  1. Hahahahahahaha! Yeah, the biggest claim to fame for DE is probably the fact that they are the first to ratify the Constitution, but what a lot of people don’t know is that we ratified it before there was anything about freedom of speech or religion. So it’s a very hollow claim to fame. That Bloodsoaked tour looks rather interesting, I like Mojo 13, kinda rundown, but very small and easy to meet band members, plus the staff is cool. Also, Sapremia is great!

    Something else that may interest you if you’re looking for DE tours is that the Slaughter Survivors Tour is coming to Mojo 13 on the 5th of August. I hope that it’s not 21+…


    • If I’m remembering correctly, all of the first thirteen states (or maybe all but one — Rhode Island was a little late to the party, I think) signed the constitution before the bill of rights (the amendments, including free speech and whatnot) got added.

      Anyway, hopefully you’ll be able to make it to one of these shows — or some show, sometime! I saw something about one of them being 18+ and free, but I think that might have been the Chesapeake Virginia one.

      Probably the best way to find the most accurate details would be to contact the venue directly: Facebook, Myspace, or call 302-798-5798.


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