Upcoming Shows: What To Do In Pittsburgh Tonight (17 July 2012)


Allure of the Earth Productions presents:

Sons of Tonatiuh, Vulture, and Sistered


Mr. Roboto Project

5106 Penn Ave, Pittsburgh (Bloomfield)


17 July 2012 | 7:00pm doors | $7


Atlanta’s Sons of Tonatiuh are making their way up to Pittsburgh tonight, to contaminate the Mr. Roboto Project with their southern sludge metal. This show is part of the band’s “Beckoning the End Tour,” which will continue through the end of the week with stops in Philadelphia, New York, Virginia, and North Carolina (see the image above). See their website for full details, including more upcoming shows in August and September.

Their new album Parade of Sorrow (just released in June) is available to hear or buy through Bandcamp…

…and here’s a video for “Consumed” from their 2010 self-titled LP (also available on Bandcamp).

Joining them will be those titans of Steel City Sludge, Vulture (who can also be heard on Bandcamp), and Cosmic Stoner Punk band Sistered (surprise, Bandcamp again).


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