Cormorant Are Touring All Over the U.S.! (Well, not ALL Over…)

Regular readers of this blog (or the occasional random Googler) will already be familiar with my feelings on Californian blackened progressive metal band Cormorant. For anyone else who might be unaware, here is a brief overview of their discography which I wrote upon the occasion of their most recent release, Dwellings, back in December.

Knowing that this DIY band manages to put together strings of tourdates fairly infrequently, it’s always a big deal when they announce some shows. However, when I saw Primordial (Irish black-metal-turned-blackened-doom-metal, of whom I’m also really really fond) announce a jaunt through the eastern U.S., and Cormorant’s name appeared on the poster too, well I almost passed out.

Unfortunately, on closer inspection (and with helpful guidance from Cormorant bassist Arthur von Nagel), I realized that these two bands — along with the epic/melodic doom band While Heaven Wept — were only playing most of the dates listed.

While Pittsburgh’s Smiling Moose bar is shown in the image (see below), the asterisk next to that date, according to the legend at the bottom, means “WHW only”.

I’ve heard that that literally means “WHW only”… I’ve also heard (from Bandsintown, and later from Primordial themselves when they shared that event) that Primordial would indeed be playing Pittsburgh that night. Later, Primordial’s wall post was deleted, although the Bandsintown event remains. And the dude from Meatmeadmetal tells me that Metal Blade has confirmed there will be no Primordial.

What a huge fucking mess — I have no clue what’s happening. Opening bands at the Pittsburgh date will also include two local greats, Argus and Vermithrax. Those are both worth seeing, and if you like While Heaven Wept, then there’s another plus. Go check out the show, maybe Primordial will show up, maybe they won’t. Maybe fucking Black Sabbath will reunite with Bill Ward for one night only and play a secret show at The Smiling Moose. I wouldn’t be surprised by anything at this point.

Personally, I can’t help feeling a good bit of disappointment at the absence of Cormorant; however, Cleveland is only a few hours away, so ‘Burgh-area fans may want to keep that possibility in mind… or possibly Rochester or Philadelphia, if you’re feeling especially adventurous.

Anyway, here is the tour poster, in all of its bewildering confusingness, followed by a full list of dates:


Click for larger image; PAY ATTENTION TO THE ASTERISKS!!


Cormorant, Primordial, While Heaven Wept tourdates (except where indicated):

September 6th – The Smiling Moose, Pittsburgh PA (with Argus, Vermithrax; NO CORMORANT, PROBABLY NO PRIMORDIAL EITHER)

September 7th – Reggie’s, Chicago IL

September 8th – Beachland Ballroom, Cleveland OH

September 9th – Water Street Music Hall, Rochester NY

September 10th – Saint Vitus Bar, Brooklyn NY

September 11th – Kung Fu Necktie, Philadelphia PA

September 12th – Empire, West Springfield VA

September 13th – Tremont Music Hall, Charlotte NC (w/ Vektor)

September 14th – Center Stage, Atlanta GA (Primordial at ProgPower USA XIII; NO CORMORANT, NO WHILE HEAVEN WEPT)

Immediately following that series of dates, Cormorant will be heading back west, and hooking up with a segment of the Yob and Norska tour. Here’s that poster (thanks to Catharsis PR for this info), bearing in mind that Cormorant will ONLY be appearing at the designated shows…


Click for larger image; READ THE FINE PRINT


Tourdates for Yob and Norska:

September 7 – Shredder, Boise ID

September 8 – Burt’s Tiki Lounge, SLC UT

September 9 – Bluebird Theater, Denver CO

September 10 – Bourbon Theater, Lincoln NE

September 11 – Off Minor, Dubuque IA

September 12 – Beat Kitchen, Chicago IL

September 13 – Fubar, St. Louis MO

September 14 – Rev Room, Little Rock AR (with St. Vitus, Weedeater, Rwake)

September 15 – La Grange, Dallas TX

September 16 – Beauty Ballroom, Austin TX (with Cormorant)

September 18 – Rogue, Phoenix AZ (with Cormorant)

September 19 – Casbah, San Diego CA (with Cormorant)

September 20 – Down & Out, Los Angeles CA (with Cormorant)

September 21 – Brick & Mortar, San Francisco CA (with Acid King)

September 22 – Alibi, Arcata CA

September 23 – Oak Street Speakeasy, Eugene OR

Cormorant: website, Facebook, Bandcamp


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