Damnit! Windhand Tour Started Last Week! Anyway, Here’s the Details…

In reviewing their self-titled debut album, Cvlt Nation calls Windhand “way more than a band that you should be on the look out for, they are a group of humans that will change the way you hear doom.”

With members who’ve also done time in bands like Alabama Thunderpussy, The Might Could, and Facedowninshit, Windhand are gaining enough recognition and accolades to stand out in what sometimes seems like a pretty crowded field of female-fronted occult doom, and rightfully so.

…Which is why I was pretty pissed off when I came across this announcement about their month-long U.S. tour, a week after the tour had already started — particularly when I discovered that they had already been to Pittsburgh last weekend and I hadn’t even heard anything about it until now! Clearly, I’ve been spending way too much time dealing with less-important bullshit (work, for example), and not enough time paying attention to goings-on in the world of good quality music!

So anyway, all of us folks who live in the northeast, and some parts of the midwest (Ohio, Indiana, and Michigan earlier this week) have already missed out — unless some of you readers have been more perceptive than me, and managed to catch one of those shows. But for the rest of you, who live all over the middle of the country or in the southeast, you’ve still got a chance. A full list of tourdates can be found below.


Oh and by the way, their debut LP had been sold out on vinyl and CD, but Forcefield Records has repressed it on a limited run of “cocaine white” vinyl — grab it while you can!



Windhand 2012 U.S. Tour

past dates:
8/1 Washington DC @ Smash Records w/ Ilsa and Midnight Eye
8/2 Philadelphia, PA @ The Mill Creek Tavern w/ Grass, Tapeworm, and No Stayer
8/3 Brooklyn, NY @ St. Vitus Bar w/ Pilgrim, Mares of Thrace, Primitive Weapons
8/4 Pittsburgh, PA @ The Rock Room
8/5 Columbus, OH @ The Carabar
8/6 Cincinnati @ The Drinkery w/ Mephitic Husk, Mollusk
8/7 Indianapolis, IN @ Indy’s Jukebox w/ Coffinworm, Conjurer
8/8 Detroit, MI @ New Dodge Lounge w/ Bison Machine

upcoming shows:
8/9 Chicago, IL @ The Ultra Lounge w/ Knife of Simpson
8/10 Milwaukee, WI @ The Cactus Bar w/ No Future, Iron Rain
8/11 Minneapolis, MN @ The Hexagon w/ Oaks, Scaphe, Ashen
8/12 Omaha, NE @ The West Wing w/ Solid Attitude, Solid Goldberg
8/13 Kansas City, MO @ The Record Bar w/ Hossferatu and 1950D.A.
8/14 Texarkana, AK @ Hopkins Icehouse
8/15 Little Rock, AK @ White Water Tavern w/ Pallbearer and Iron Tongue
8/16 Memphis, TN @ The Buccaneer w/ Deadbird
8/17 Lafayette, LA @ The Wild Salmon w/ Come&Conquer
8/18 New Orleans, LA @ Siberia w/ Blood Royale and Hot Rails to Hell
8/19 Birmingham, AL @ The Bottle Tree
8/20 Nashville, TN @ tba w/ All Them Witches
8/21 Knoxville, TN @ The Poisoning Lawn
8/22 Atlanta, GA @ 529 Club
8/23 Savannah, GA @ The Jinx
8/24 Raleigh, NC @ The Divebar

Windhand: Facebook, Bandcamp
Forcefield Records: website, Facebook


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