Currently Touring: The Catalyst

Here’s another announcement about a current U.S. tour, which somehow slipped past me until after it actually got underway. If you live in Indiana, Illinois, Nebraska, New Mexico, Colorado, Oklahoma, or Texas, then I am very, very sorry.

Just like Windhand, whose summer tour I wrote about yesterday, The Catalyst also come from Richmond, Virginia, and also are with Forcefield Records. These folks are really starting to make waves with their grunge/noise-rock/hardcore sound (Decibel Magazine mentions the “multi-directional weirdness of their AmRep-meets-Melvins-meets-thrash-meets-Lollapalooza-when-it-was-cool sonic soup”).

Their new album Voyager is set to be released on 04 September, in a 12″ vinyl format with full-color gatefold. However, you can get your hands on it earlier: during their tour, the band will have an advance limited run of the LP on clear and orange haze vinyl (limited to 200 pieces) available.

If, however, The Catalyst aren’t coming to your city (or if you live in one of the places they’ve already played), you can also pre-order a copy from Forcefield (here), limited to 100 copies in an orange and yellow swirl with black and red splatter. The pre-orders will ship on 13 August, so you’ll have it very soon — and around three weeks before the official release date!


Voyager is not yet available on their Bandcamp page (although you can grab a download of their 2009 album Swallow Your Teeth for FREE here, as well as the 2008 compilation The Marianas Trench +9, here). however, Decibel currently has the song “King of Swords” streaming on their website, and Brooklyn Vegan have “Jupiter Brain” available as well.


The Catalyst Summer 2012 Tour

past shows:
7/31 Indianapolis IN @ Nick Cassette’s House of Wonder w/ Chaotic Neutral, You’re a Liar
8/1 Chicago IL @ The Township w/ Den, Cold Lovers, Old Fuck
8/2 Rock Island IL @ Rozz Tox w/ Lord Green, Centaur Noir
8/3 Omaha NE @ Oleaver’s Pub w/ The Fucking Party
8/4 Denver CO @ Curtis St. Tavern w/ Swells
8/5 Albuquerque NM @ ABQ Peace and Justice Center w/ Contortionist, Prison of Sound
8/6 Oklahoma City OK
8/7 Tulsa OK @ The Crystal Pistol w/ Lizard Police, Creepozoids, Heemeyer
8/8 Fort Worth TX @ 1919 Hemphill w/ Big Fiction
8/9 Austin TX @ House Of Commons w/ Chest Pain, Offed, Old Poets

upcoming shows:
8/10 New Orleans LA @ Moped Garage
8/11 Tallahassee FL @ The Hidden Hand w/ Burnt Books, Webcam Teens
8/12 Gainesville FL @ The Atlantic w/ Burnt Books, Post Teens
8/13 Columbia SC @ New Brookland Tavern w/ Burnt Books
8/14 Atlanta GA @ 529
8/15 Nashville TN @ The Owl Farm w/ Gnarwhal
8/16 Louisville KY @ TBA w/ Gnarwhal
8/17 Columbus OH @ TBA w/ Gnarwhal
8/18 Pittsburgh PA @ Mr. Roboto Project w/ Gnarwhal
8/19 Wilmington DE @ 700 Social Club w/ Gnarwhal, Count Von Count, Tit Patrol
8/20 Greensboro NC @ WQFS w/ Gnarwhal
8/21 Richmond VA @ Strange Matter w/ Gnarwhal, Suppression

Stay tuned for updates as they become available, particularly when I find out the full details about that show on the 18th at Roboto!

The Catalyst: Facebook, Bandcamp
Forcefield Records: website, Facebook


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