The Last Trollfest Post, I Swear! (Before the New Album is Released)

So okay, I know there’s been an awful lot of attention paid to the “True Norwegian Balkan Metal” collective known as TrollfesT. There’ve been video trailers, free songs to download, and all kinds of other stuff floating around. Well, here’s one more update about the band, where I’ve collected some of the latest bits of information and news, as we inch closer to the official release of their fifth album, Brumlebassen (out via Noise Art Records on the 24th of August — that’s tomorrow!)…

Just the other day, the band released a track-by-track video guide to the new record, which can be seen below:



The video for the track “TrinkenTroll” can be enjoyed here:

According to the band, the video

…was filmed at the Unholy Metal Pub in Oslo and we invited various people – friends, friends of friends – but word got around that we were going to be filming a music video and people just turned up to take part. Everyone really started getting into the swing of things with the entire shoot turning into one big party and inevitably a lot of good natured drunkenness ensued so what you see in the video is not “acting” at all, hehe!


Finally, this last bit really isn’t really useful to anyone who wasn’t at Slovenia’s Metalcamp earlier this month, but I thought it was so cool, I couldn’t pass up sharing this.

The band performed a set at Metalcamp where they premiered the new album in its entirety for fans who were in attendance, and they also gave an acoustic concert on the beach at one point — but most of the festival was spent hanging out in their own pavilion, drinking and meeting with fans, as well as holding various competitions.

The lucky winner of one of those contests was able to take home perhaps the most original and unique prize I’ve ever seen: drummer “TrollBank” (Eirik Renton) had hand-carved a figure of the Brumlebassen character (for whom the new album is named), which the whole band had signed.


As it had been previously revealed, Brumlebassen, depicted in his bee costume, is the troll whose job is to look after the bees that produce the key ingredient in honey mead.

TrollBank had this to say:

It was always the intention right from the outset when we first formed Trollfest to make it not only a band that played great music, but also a band that had some fun while doing it, and a large part of that is making sure that we involve the fans in the fun. We’re particularly pleased to have our own pavilion this year, as it’s sometimes hit or miss as to whether fans will actually catch sight of their favourite bands wandering round the festival grounds, but at MetalCamp they will know exactly where to find us and where to go and have a good time. We’ve found over the years with Trollfest that we’ve become especially close to the fans, more so than with any other bands that we play in. They treat us like friends and welcome us wherever we go, often with great generosity when it comes to sharing their drinks, so we try all the time to give something back, and the carving seemed like a particularly personal, and pretty exclusive, way of doing it.

The band’s Facebook page contains an album of photos that show more views of the carved figurine, including some shots of the work in progress.


Just as a reminder, the band is still holding their “Strike a Pose” contest (details here) until the end of August — so there’s still a little bit more time to submit a photo, or to vote for your favorites among those that have already been entered!

And don’t forget, the digipack edition of Brumlebassen include tons of downloadable content, such as 100 minutes of videos, exclusive bonus MP3s, a highly-coveted translation of the lyrics, and lots more! Full details here, or pre-order your copy here.

Trollfest: website, Facebook, SoundCloud, ReverbNation, webstore
NoiseArt: website, Facebook


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