Some Shocking News About Krampus’ Drummer

(NOTE: this photo is apparently now outdated)

The mockumentary This is Spinal Tap, for all its over-the-top ridiculous storylines and dialogue, nevertheless must have been extensively researched prior to being written and produced.  So often do touring and recording artists encounter similarly ludicrous situations (or similarly terrible luck) resembling the fictional band from that film, that “a Spinal Tap moment” has basically entered our lexicon as a widely-understood descriptive term for such an event.  In fact, I’ve heard that many longtime music industry veterans don’t even see the movie as a comedy, because so much of it rings just a little too true-to-life.

Having said all that, I’d like to share a bit of news with you, which honestly can only be accurately described as “a Spinal Tap moment.”

Northern Italian modern folk metal octet Krampus recently found themselves temporarily reduced to a septet, as they are currently finalizing the process of replacing their drummer.

Effective immediately, the band announced, former drummer Carlo is no longer a part of the band, due to the fact that he has been struck by lightning.

The band’s official statement continues,

Carlo is a great friend of ours, and we would like to thank him for the great effort and dedication he has had for the band. We wish him well and a full recovery, and all the best for his future endeavors.

Krampus haven’t yet announced a replacement member, but it seems they do have somebody lined up: they stated, “He’s a very talented musician, and you have most likely already heard of him with his current band!”

Of course, being struck by lightning is a scary thing, and certainly has the potential to be deadly, so it’s very fortunate for him to have survived.  It seems as though I’m making light of the situation — and I suppose perhaps I am, now, after the fact — but as I understand it, Carlo will not be able to play the drums for some time to come as he undergoes rehabilitation, during which time (although I don’t know him personally, I am speaking as someone who has heard and enjoyed the music he has been a part of creating) I would like to wish him a speedy recovery, and the hope that lightning really doesn’t strike twice!

In the meantime, here (once again) is the short feature on the making of Krampus’ recently-released album Survival of the Fittest (which I have finally gotten myself a copy of, after a bit of a delay, so you can look forward to a full review of that soon!)…

Krampus: website, Facebook, Youtube, Soundcloud


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