Coming Soon: Fen Wrapping Up Work on Third Album


So here’s some more exciting news coming from Italian label Code666 Records: the final details are coming together for a forthcoming release by UK progressive/atmospheric black metal band Fen, which the band just finished working on — this will be their third full-length album, and also their third release through Code666.

Not only that, but Fen have also renewed their contract with the label for another three album deal!

Frontman The Watcher stated:

We have been happy with the way we’ve been treated by Code666 in respect of the first three albums, and were impressed by the enthusiasm that the label has always shown for Fen and the faith they have placed in us, so it was logical for us to continue a relationship that was obviously working well.

Around since 2006, Fen’s discography thus far has included 2009’s The Malediction Fields and 2011’s Epoch, both of which are marked by an atmospheric, melancholic, other-worldly style of black metal — inspired by the desolate English region from which the band takes its name. 

Fen’s third full-length album will be titled Dustwalker; expect to see further details (including an official release date) announced very shortly. 

In other news, the band’s next on-stage appearance will be at the Netherlands’ Aurora Infernalis Festival, two Saturdays from now (27 October 2012), but it’s also worth mentioning that they just had their first-ever show on U.S. soil this past weekend (13 October) at Connecticut’s Winter is Coming Festival! Assuming that experience went well, perhaps there is a possibility the band will be gracing these shores with their presence again in the future, maybe even visiting more of the country next time? Let’s hope so!

In the meantime, til we have more information about their next release, here’s “As Buried Spirits Stir” from the band’s Malediction Fields album:

Fen: Facebook, MySpace, Webshop
Code666: website, Facebook
Patricia Thomas Band Management: website, Facebook


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