Krakow – diin (2012), amaran & genesis (2015)


Krakówdiin (Dark Essence Records, 14 September 2012)



Krakówamaran (Dark Essence Records, 09 February 2015)



Krakówgenesis (Dark Essence Records, 07 August 2015)


Hey, folks. So last week as you may have noticed, we had a bit of a blast from the past: I wrote about an album that came out in the latter part of 2012, one which I have enjoyed listening to immensely since I first heard it, and one that likely would have found its way onto my list of that year’s best releases if I had just gotten around to hearing it sooner. Well today, we’ll be taking a look at another album that also came out around the same time — late 2012 — and has become one of my favorite things to listen to since I first discovered it. That album is called diin, and was the second to be released by Norwegian post-rockers Kraków. Today we’ll also discuss that band’s third record amaran (and the EP that closely followed, genesis) — and since I’d made the mistake of finding that earlier album too late and excluding it from my 2012 list, I made sure to rectify that when it came time to put together my list for 2015, since those two (jointly) happened to rank among the best things I heard last year.

Anyway, that’s surely enough in the way of introduction — you can just expect that we’ll be covering several entries from this band’s discography — part of which I was sorry to have missed once, and all of which you would be wise not to miss now!


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Carpathian Forest Frontman: “Fuck You All!!!”


Formed more than twenty years ago (in Norway, despite the eastern European name) and with a plentiful number of releases under their (presumably studded leather) belts, black/blackened thrash band Carpathian Forest have remained relatively quiet over the past few years.

Naturally, as is often the case when longstanding groups lapse into a period of inactivity, whispers began to circulate through the grapevine that their dissolution was imminent, as well as a variety of reasons for this turn of events — most prominently (again, as is often the case) being attributed to a communication breakdown or a falling-out among the band’s members.

Recently, though, the band have been appearing on a gradually increasing number of festival line-ups for 2013 (including a first-ever appearance in these United States!), and so it has become clear that these rumors have been exaggerated — if not outright fabricated.


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Coming Soon: Fen Wrapping Up Work on Third Album


So here’s some more exciting news coming from Italian label Code666 Records: the final details are coming together for a forthcoming release by UK progressive/atmospheric black metal band Fen, which the band just finished working on — this will be their third full-length album, and also their third release through Code666.

Not only that, but Fen have also renewed their contract with the label for another three album deal!

Frontman The Watcher stated:

We have been happy with the way we’ve been treated by Code666 in respect of the first three albums, and were impressed by the enthusiasm that the label has always shown for Fen and the faith they have placed in us, so it was logical for us to continue a relationship that was obviously working well.

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Q: What Do TrollfesT and Madonna Have In Common?

A: They both want you to strike a pose!




You may have seen the teaser photos we’ve been running recently on our Facebook page, so here is the story behind them and your chance to win a TROLLFEST prize.

With the summer coming up, lots of you will be going on holiday, or attending festivals or doing whatever it is you do in summer, so we thought you might like to have even more fun by striking a Black Metal pose in front of a landmark, or not so much of a landmark even, and link the photo on the TROLLFEST Facebook page, which we will then upload onto the Strike A Pose album and people can vote for their favourite photo by liking it. The photos with the most likes will win a TROLLFEST prize, so get all your friends to like your photo or make them suffer horrible consequences if they don’t.

The guys in the band have put up a series of photos to demonstrate what they mean by “a Black Metal pose.” Apparently it mostly involves scowling and invisible oranges.

The example photos can be found in this Facebook album.

The closing date for photos will be 31 August, and then we will have another couple of weeks before announcing the winner to allow later photos to catch up. If you’re not going on holiday, don’t worry, just pose wherever you are. ONE PHOTO PER PERSON ONLY PLEASE.

What will be the prize you are asking yourselves? Well, we aren’t going to tell you just yet, but it will be something TROLLFEST and therefore it’s bound to be awesome.

So let’s have some fun, get striking and good luck everyone.

Thanks to Patricia Thomas Band Management for passing along the information about this competition. Some of the example pictures here are pretty interesting, and some are just plain silly. I look forward to seeing what everyone else comes up with!

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