Carpathian Forest Frontman: “Fuck You All!!!”


Formed more than twenty years ago (in Norway, despite the eastern European name) and with a plentiful number of releases under their (presumably studded leather) belts, black/blackened thrash band Carpathian Forest have remained relatively quiet over the past few years.

Naturally, as is often the case when longstanding groups lapse into a period of inactivity, whispers began to circulate through the grapevine that their dissolution was imminent, as well as a variety of reasons for this turn of events — most prominently (again, as is often the case) being attributed to a communication breakdown or a falling-out among the band’s members.

Recently, though, the band have been appearing on a gradually increasing number of festival line-ups for 2013 (including a first-ever appearance in these United States!), and so it has become clear that these rumors have been exaggerated — if not outright fabricated.


In case there were any lingering doubts as to the group’s vitality, though, an official statement has been issued by founder/frontman Nattefrost which should put them to rest by both explaining the recent lack of activity and looking ahead to the near future:

I have more or less been off the road and caught in a downward spiral for nearly a decade.  Now clean and rehabilitated, I have been living in Telemark for more than a year -– a family man and father.  And once again I am working on music.

Communication and chemistry within Carpathian Forest have never been better so Fuck You All!!!

Confirmed festival appearances for 2013 (thus far) include the Ragnarok Festival, Kings of Black Metal, Party.San OA, Throne Fest OA, and Maryland Deathfest XI.  More announcements are expected soon.

The band — of which the current lineup has remained virtually unchanged for the past decade, consisting of of Nattefrost on vocals, Tchort and Blood Pervertor on guitars, Vrangsinn on bass, and Kobro on drums — reportedly have been rehearsing recently for the upcoming live shows, but also in preparation for recording new material, of which Nattefrost says there is plenty.

Carpathian Forest: Facebook, MySpace
Patricia Thomas Band Management: website, Facebook


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