What To Do In Pittsburgh Tonight (19 October 2012)

Looking for some live entertainment to entertain yourself with in Pittsburgh on this Friday evening? Here are some great options you might wish to consider…..




Innervenus Music Collective and Pop Bus Records Present:

Sistered / October Split 7″ Release Show

also featuring Supervoid


at the 31st Street Pub

3101 Penn Avenue, Pittsburgh (Strip @ 31st St Bridge)


Friday 19 October 2012 | 10:00 pm | $5 | 21+ only


Tonight at the pub, check out a pair of local bands as they celebrate the release of this brand-new 7″, plus a super-group who’s been exploding on the local scene lately. Any of these bands would definitely be worth checking out, but this show is especially notable for the fact that it will be one of the last times you’ll ever get the chance to see October perform.

Their contribution to the Iron Atrocity v.2 compilation was definitely one of the highlights of that CD, in my opinion, and their whole self-titled album is definitely worth listening to. So it was pretty unfortunate when the band announced earlier this week that it would cease to exist after playing a few final shows that had already been scheduled.

Plus, Supervoid announced that they will now have t-shirts available, so you won’t want to miss this opportunity to show off the fact that you were a fan long before most people ever heard of them.

RSVP for this show here and here.



Motorpsychos, Del Rios, Four Barrel Ghost


at Gooski’s Bar

3117 Brereton Street, Pittsburgh (Polish Hill)


Friday 19 October 2012 | 10:00 pm | 21+ only

Come hang out on Polish Hill for cheap drinks and good times — it’ll be an evening of good old fashioned hard rock, punk rock, and punkabilly, done Pittsburgh style.

RSVP here.


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