Borracho – Plunge/Return 10″ Single Now Available



BorrachoPlunge/Return 10″ Single (Strange Magic Records, 27 November 2012)

So over the course of the past year or so, you’ve been following along with everything I’ve written, including all the mentions of Washingtonian heavy fuzz-rock band Borracho, right?

Including when I named their album Splitting Sky as one of my Top 11 of 2011 over at No Clean Singing? (Which reminds me, I promised to send them another list this year, so I guess I should start thinking about that, huh?)

Presumably, on my recommendation, you went straight out and bought a copy of that album. Now, if you got the CD or the digital download (including the download that comes free with the vinyl LP), then you are lucky enough to have the full album including the massive epic final track “Plunge/Return”.

However, if you do have that vinyl edition, you probably noticed that it’s about eleven and a half minutes shorter than the digital formats — because that last song just didn’t fit. And even though you have listened to the version you downloaded, the purist in you wishes that you had all of the album’s tracks on vinyl, right?

Well finally, your prayers have been answered.




Vinyl completionists won’t want to miss this chance to get the epic closing track from Splitting Sky — cut for length from the vinyl LP released by No Balls Records — served up on some hot wax of its own.

But wait! There’s more… The B-side is a previously-unreleased live version of “Grab the Reins” – also featured on Splitting Sky — recorded in December 2011 at the Velvet Lounge in Borracho’s hometown of Washington DC. The live recording and mixing of the track was done by Frank Marchand, who also manned the boards for recording and mixing of Splitting Sky.

Three vinyl color options are available: clear, transparent blue, and solid white. Pick your favorite or collect them all! Hand numbered gatefold sleeves seal the deal on this collector’s dream.

“Plunge/Return” is available from our Bandcamp page or directly from Strange Magic Records by emailing The “Plunge/Return” single follows up on the October 2011 release of Círculos Concéntricos — the track “Concentric Circles” in both English and Spanish — released on limited edition 7″ vinyl.

Only 100 copies of each color are available, so don’t miss out!

Listen to the new single and exclusive B-side here:

In case you missed any of my previous posts about this band, you can see the “Concentric Circles” video here, and the “All in Play” video here.

Strange Magic Records
No Balls Records


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