Winter’s Wake Winterview: Molasses Barge


Hello again! Here’s the next Winter’s Wake “Winterview” — one more time I had a little chat with Justin Gizzi, this time about his heavy doom band Molasses Barge.

I did an interview with that band’s drummer Wayne Massey several months ago, which covered a bit of their history and lots of other interesting information (check it out here), but in today’s post, Justin fills us in on all the latest Barge happenings.




VOS: Hello once again, and thanks once again! Being involved in so many bands must really keep you busy…

JG: Oh yes. That is for sure.

VOS: So in this band you play guitar. Which (guitar or bass) do you consider your primary instrument, or which have you been playing longer?

JG: I’ve basically always considered myself a musician first. I’ve played guitar a little longer than bass. I like to play different styles on different instruments. Guitar and bass are my primary instruments. If you needed a keyboard player or someone to play drums, you could do a little worse. I actually played drums at a Barge show once when Wayne fell sick kind of last minute. I like to sing too.


VOS: Could you please introduce the rest of the band?

JG: Wayne Massey on drums, Amy Bianco on bass, Kenny Houser on guitar, and Big Bad Butch Balich on vocals.

VOS: I’ve already gotten a bit of historical information when I talked to Wayne… so instead, I’d like to ask you what’s new? I heard rumors that there might be a full-length album coming soon, to follow up your (absolutely amazing) EP Jewels, is that true? How has that been going?

JG: Well, we haven’t had the best of luck getting into the studio. Our next attempt will be the 2nd weekend in March. We’re slated to record with Chris Kozlowski at his studio in Maryland. We’ve been looking forward to working with him for some time now. We’ll see what happens.

VOS: Also, I’m not going to ask you to reveal any secrets, but I’m wondering whether your set on Saturday might have a preview of any of that new material?

JG: It will! So get there early! We’re going to open with a couple of new songs.


VOS: It must be tough — especially considering that most of the band members are in one or two (or more!) other bands — to coordinate a lot of shows for you guys. But with that in mind, do you have any big plans coming up? Any future gigs or maybe festival appearances over the summer?

JG: Nothing beyond Winter’s Wake, right now. Once the recording is done we’ll plan a release show with that. We have to take things as they come pretty much. In addition to the other bands; there’s kids, jobs, ex-wives, and everything else you can imagine that factors in. Scheduling is a little frustrating at times, but we have definitely been more fortunate than unfortunate. We’ve played some amazing shows with some of the artists who shaped our particular genre, and our own sound. Plus, just being in the band together, the 5 of us all knowing each other from our other bands and so forth, being friends, can’t really complain.

VOS: Well I’m really looking forward to seeing you guys on Saturday — as always — and thanks once again for taking the time to do this! It’s very much appreciated.

JG: No trouble at all Eric, thanks for putting the work in!

More Molasses Barge: Facebook, Myspace, ReverbNation, Innervenus (record label)

Molasses Barge are playing at Winter’s Wake on Saturday, 23 February 2013, at 6119 (6119 Penn Avenue, Pittsburgh).

View the full line-up of the festival here, RSVP to the Facebook event here!


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