TONIGHT: Psychostick at the Hard Rock Cafe in Pittsburgh!


PSYCHOSTICK, humorcore/comedy-metal band from Arizona, have been trekking back and forth across America on their “My Tour Can Beat Up Your Tour” Tour for the past couple months…

…and they’re just about ready to wrap things up and head home — but they’ve got one last stop to make, in Pittsburgh! They’ll be hitting the Hard Rock Cafe tonight, and you won’t want to miss it…



If the name doesn’t sound familiar to you, by some chance, well that’s not a big deal — but you may already know who this band is, if you happen to have been one of the 500,000+ people who’ve seen their hilarious “Dogs Like Socks” video (which was just released four months ago, by the way)…

For plenty more fun music and entertaining moving pictures (including the perennial favorite “Because Boobs”), be sure to check out the band’s video page on their website! And for those in the Pittsburgh area, like I said before, you won’t want to miss seeing them LIVE in concert…

The show is TONIGHT (14 May 2013) at the Hard Rock Cafe (230 W. Station Square Drive, Pittsburgh PA) — see more detailed information right here!

Psychostick: website, Facebook, ReverbNation, Youtube


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