Fuck Yeah! New The Matador Album Coming Soon!


The last time we heard anything out of this group of Queenslandians was two years ago, when their debut Descent Into the Maelstrom dropped out of nowhere (which I originally learned about thanks to the terrific folks over at Heavy Blog is Heavy). That disc’s combination of raw emotion — ranging from soul-crushingly heavy ugliness to soul-wrenchingly mournful beauty, and all points in between — really grabbed me and still hasn’t let go. Later that same year, when I started writing about music myself, it was the natural choice for my first review. (Note that this was a brand new experience for me at that time, and I had no idea what I was doing — unlike now, over eighteen months later, where I still have no idea what I’m doing!)

Anyway, that particular release was pretty monumental — not because I chose to write about it when my journalistic career was in its infancy, but totally on its own merits. If I hadn’t arbitrarily chosen to exclude the small handful of albums I wrote about from my year-end list, I can assure you Descent would have found its way to the very top of my Top 11 of 2011. So after numerous reports of line-up changes and rumors about writing and recording, it’s with great excitement that I’ve received official news about the band’s follow-up, which I will now pass along to you…




Gold Coast progressive post-metal band The Matador are heading into the studio to record the long overdue follow up to their 2011 debut Descent Into the Maelstrom. The new record, entitled Inclinaturum Humani Generis, will be recorded and released as a two-part opus.

Part I: Destroyer will showcase the menacing sludginess that was apparent on Descent. With Part II: Creator, the band is exploring a more progressive, melodic side to their song writing, which will be boosted by the vocal talents of new singer Nathan Wyner.

Guitarist and principal songwriter Johnny Hourigan explains the idea behind the double release:

We wanted to follow up Descent with something that was again crushing and heavy, but also allowed us to express a more melodic, even happier sounding Matador. With Nate and also Ryan (Creighton, guitars) joining the band, we have been able to bring our most ambitious ideas to fruition, and there is a renewed energy within the band. We are extremely proud of the songs we have written and can’t wait for everyone else to hear them.

The Matador head to Core Studios in May with producer/engineer Nik Carpenter (ROME, ex-Devolved) at the helm and are also sounding out Magnus Lindberg from Cult of Luna to mix and master the record.

Inclinaturum Humani GenerisPart I: Destroyer and Part II: Creator will both be released before the end of 2013.

In the meantime, check out Descent Into the Maelstrom in full here:

The Matador: website, Facebook, Twitter, Bandcamp, webstore (t-shirts and CDs!)


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