Corrupt Leaders – Grindmother (2015)


Corrupt LeadersGrindmother (self-released, 03 February 2015)



Though they’ve been in existence just a little under two years by this point, Ontario, Canada’s Corrupt Leaders have already got a handful of EPs and splits under their belts, all featuring pretty sweet artwork that screams “crust” – and which feature songs that blend the anarcho-punk attitude with a hybridized punk/metal sound, and plenty of blackened grind flavor. Scope out their Bandcamp page (see links below) if you’ve missed out on any of these releases.

Well, earlier this month, the band — who I’ve heard are also currently working on putting together a full-length album — dropped their latest offering: a four-track burst called Grindmother. Constrained to approximately three minutes in total running length (the plan is to put out these songs, which are currently only available digitally, on a 5″ record in April), this EP finds the Leaders exploring further into grind territory, while still maintaining that crusty vibe and some metallic elements.

The recording — which was mixed and mastered by some of the biggest names in the business, Joel Grind and Brad Boatright respectively — starts off with a harsh chorus of screams, which (as I understand it) include contributions from not only vocalist Rain, but also his mother, which is where the EP’s title originated. You may have already seen a video clip from the recording session that produced these screams — it is fast approaching 200,000 views on YouTube at this moment — but if you’ve missed it, I’ll include it at the end of this article.

From there, the intensity never lets up (although the tempo does drop from time to time, for added emphasis). Ranging from about thirty to fifty seconds apiece, these four songs will already be over before you realize it, but along the way you’ll come across some cool grooves and riffs. While the blasts and bursts in the drum parts, the spastic tempos, and (of course) the song lengths are all hallmarks of grind, the occasional slowed-down riffs or sustained power chords lend a dense darkness that hangs over the whole recording — and this feeling is matched perfectly by the black metal style vocals.

Grindmother is currently available to stream or download for free (or pay whatever you choose) at Bandcamp — check it out below the video. And drop by Corrupt Leaders‘ various social media outlets to stay in the loop as far as when the 5″ version of the EP will be available, as well as their forthcoming LP and whatever other craziness these guys get involved with in the future.



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