Demon Eye – Prophecies and Lies (2017)

Demon EyeProphecies and Lies (Soulseller Records, 11 August 2017 EU / 08 September 2017 NA)


Hey there, folks. Good afternoon/evening/whatever. Hope things are going well in your neck of the woods wherever that happens to be — sort of enjoying a lazy, quiet day here. Trying to get caught up on listening to stuff people have sent here, which is always an uphill battle. But then I noticed on my calendar that tonight, right here in Pittsburgh (specifically, at Howlers) local label Blackseed Records is putting on their Doom Over November show — with featured headliner Demon Eye, occult/traditional metal band from Raleigh, North Carolina. Recently I heard Prophecies and Lies, the group’s third album, which just came out in September via the Netherlands’ Soulseller Records (following an August release in Europe). Seemed like an ideal time to share some thoughts on the record with you folks …



Right off the bat, opening track “The Waters and the Wild” kicks things off with huge doomy atomsphere, booming drums, certifiably old-school proto-metal riffs, and vocals with the perfect blend of melody and melancholy — all of which will immediately resonate with fans of 70s-inspired occult/doom ranging from Pilgrim to Graveyard.

Guitar leads and solos here clearly derive influence (and their echoey/reverby tones) from the same family tree of old electric blues sounds that doom metal musicians have been looking up to, dating back to the first Sabbath records and beyond, but periodically throughout the eleven tunes on this record, a hint of southern twang will sneak its way in — an inevitable product of Demon Eye‘s Carolinian environment.

The album also has a few softer, more introspective-leaning moments, none more prevalent than in the penultimate song, the title track — where some extra-heavy distorted riffs alternate with mellower bass-led phrases (that inexplicably bring to this listener’s mind Live‘s “White, Discussion“).

Many of these tracks are built around a quick rocking blues-shuffle pace, although at times the band really gets into a groove and slows things down for emphasis — near the end of “In the Spider’s Eye” for example, and around the middle of “Kismet” — particularly heavy breakdowns that crank up the doom factor significantly. Nowhere is this true more than throughout the second half of final track “Morning’s Son,” which at slightly more than seven minutes in length (while the other ten songs tend to be in the three-to-four range) serves as a fairly grand closer for the album.


Two of the songs from Prophecies and Lies can be previewed via the Bandcamp player below, and you can pick up your very own copy right here. And once again, if you happen to be in the Pittsburgh area this evening (Thursday, November 16th) you’d be doing yourself a favor by heading out to Bloomfield to catch these guys at Doom Over November!


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